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    Sketchy customer support

    I have a couple of questions about my recent encounter with customer support:

    1. When I'm playing on international server (w39), the language of my Shakes&Fidget android app is set to English, the URL of the customer support ticket form has "?lang=en" parameter and I write my message to the support in English, why am I getting a reply from the support in a language other then English?

    2. Why isn't the email conversation with the support encrypted?

    3. I reported another player that sent me a message with a link to a private Shakes&Fidget server (which is most likely ripping off your game by the looks of it). The reply I got from customer support was asking me for a permission to change my password, so that the support can verify that message in my in-game inbox, and then they'd email me the new password.

    Is this normal behaviour of your customer support? Because given A) different langauge, B) not using TLS and C) asking to gain access to my account by changing my passsword, this sounds more like some scam instead of customer support.

    I hopefully don't have to explain the security implications of this.
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    Isn't Leander be responsible for int support?

    Either way. Personally I would decline. This is not behavior that I would accept from any support. They don't need to look at your account just to find out about the p server.
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      I didn't want to bring the name of the customer support employee to public here on forum, just so the Playa Games has a chance so sort this out privately.


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