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    Can we please get a better system for the lucky coins?
    its so unfair... while some can do 20 spins for free every day because they got toons of ads, some cant even spin 5 times for free every day..

    i go 0 ads on firefox, no ad block no nothing
    on my app i get almost 0 ads
    i cant even 20x free spin if i try on a week, not even close, because most of the time i get 0 ads.... its so unfair..

    A topic like this had been raised before, and this answer came.

    Originally posted by Leander View Post
    There aren't ads all the time. It depends on your country, offers and time of the year. It's normal that the number of ads changes constantly.
    The biggest battle is the war against ignorance.

    M.Kemal ATAT√úRK.


      and like i said, its complety unfair lol
      people that can 20x free spin because of ads get a lot of advantage over somoene that can only do the 1 free spin..