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Legendary dungeon is highly unfair for Warriors

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    Legendary dungeon is highly unfair for Warriors

    To complete the scrapbook warriors will have to pay significantly more

    Please take alook at the mathematics behind:

    Non-warriors with 9 collectable legendaries will - on average - need to complete
    9*(1/1+1/2+1/3+..+1/9)=25,46 dungeons.
    Warriors, on the other hand will need to complete
    10*(1/1+1/2+1/3+..+1/10)=29,29 dungeons

    If you need 25 times to get 9 epic, u get 16 duplicate ones...if you trow 16 of them to WC you will get a ton of shields...the 10 th warrior item ?!


      I am not sure I folllow you, dfps.
      Yes - if you find 25 legendaries and have 9 different found, you have 16 duplicates.
      If you WC-flush a weapon, there is a 33% chance a shield comes out (this is only the case for the weapon, not other items).

      If you are a warrior and find 9 items - but not the shield - you may be able to WC-flush a legendary weapon into a shield...


        Forwarded. Thanks for your feedback.
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