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Fashion-concious bugged and unhelpful support

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    Fashion-concious bugged and unhelpful support

    The achievement "Fashion-concious" requires you to wear 6 items of the same set. So, easy enough, as I had many Easter items i just had to change the aspect of one of my mage items to put onto my battlemage and complete the achievement.
    Well, easier said than done. After using my 10 mushrooms, the achievement didnt unlock, so after a couple months wondering why I asked the support team and, very unhelpful they were, as they informed me that the items needed to be from my class. I believe this is an error, as nowhere is it stated and I, as a battlemage, can perfetly wear mage items, why should I be restricted to only battlemage items? Isn't that the fun of having different classes be able to wear other clases' items?
    Well, not only is my issue not resolved, but they also wont admit their error and wont reimburse my 10 mushrooms either...
    What should I do?

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    Hmm no error there as far as I can see.

    Please make sure that:
    - All are really Easter epics
    - All are weapon shop items (head, body, belt, gloves and boots)
    - If you changed the picture on an item you wore then take it off and put it back on
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        Already talked to you in the ticket. Did you read the FAQ entry?

        The items have to be real ones and not "just change the look of them" items. It does not count as a full set. You also have to wear items for yourself with the correct bonus (strength bonus for a warrior) and not int, const, luck although you are a warrior.

        Yes, the game does not explain everything, but it is reasonable how it works. You are the only one with this problem.

        Sorry for the inconvenience, but we do not think it is our fault or a bug.

        The easiest way is to buy a full set in the shop...epic items are more difficult...just buy cheap ones with gold only and you'll have the achievement in no time.

        Warrior sets:

        Hole-riddled Plank, Full Metal Jacket, Slippers, Grimy Hooves, Cooking Pot, Old Belt

        Trashcan Lid, Steel Plate Armor, Rbber Boots, Old Gloves, Steel Hat with Crank, Chain Belt

        Wooden Shield, Useful Armor, Leather Boots, New Gloves, Helmet and Cap, Stylish Belt

        Iron Shield, Tournament Armor, Plate Boots, Elegant Gloves, Steel Bucket, Warrior's Belt

        Warrior's Shield, Pretentious Armor, Pretentious Boots, Chain Gloves, Thorn Helm, Pretentious Belt

        Skull Shield, Vanity Armor, Warrior's Boots, Warrior's Gloves, Horn Helm, Thorn Belt

        Light Shield, Plate Armor, Knight's Boots, Knight's Gloves, Chaos Helm, Impressive Belt

        Heroic Shield, Hero's Armor, Chieftain's Boots, Chieftain's Gloves, Jagged Helm, Designer Belt

        Chieftain's Shield, Warrior's Armor, Hero's Boots, Heroic Gloves, Grim Mask, Hero's Belt

        Demon Face, Victory Armor, King's Boots, Dragon Choker, Grim Helm, King's Belt
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          I know what you said, and it wasn't helpful as im not a warior but a battlemage, so I can also wear mage items (that's the thing). I also read the FAQ and noticed there are no BattleMage options, so it still wasnt helpful. So if the achievement is not specified to be attribute oriented, I can perfectly wear INT boosting items, the game doesn't tell me otherwise. There is no "correct" bonus, as you say, because all bonus help your character.
          So yes, its either your fault for not specifying it, or a bug because it doesn't work as intended. I know maybe i'm the only one with this problem, but that doesnt mean its not a problem and should be clarified or corrected...
          I also know I can have it quickly by buying a couple of items from the shop, but I still wont get my 10 mushrooms back so... Please just change the wording of the effect, not for me as I have already got the achievement, but for other people. And be more helpful next time: saying its not your fault when clearly something isnt working as it says it should is clearly the developer's fault.


            We'll change the info. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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