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Pet Collection Bug Light & Earth?

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    Pet Collection Bug Light & Earth?

    1) Bug description: what did you do when the bug occurred?

    My Light and Earth Pet Collection looks to have bugged out. I am not able to see or collect the last 7 pets in either collection.
    Shadow, Fire and Water all look ok. I am able to collect and also see the ones I have battled but not found.

    2) Did you take a screenshot? Upload it to or

    Yes I have screen shots showing the pets not showing in my collection and screen shots of me battling and winning against those same pets in someone elses collection. So they should that least show up as seen but not found correct?
    Screen Shots showing those pets missing from my collection
    Screen Shots of me battling and beating those pets in battle

    3) When did the bug occur (date and time)?

    Unsure when, I have just been getting frustrated thru December hunting Antlar in Northrunt which was when I started thinking something was wrong.

    Also cant get the pet reward for completing the Tower – Heraldon – and I have completed the tower

    4) Did it repeat itself?


    5) Your browser, version number, installed addons, OS, Internet connection and provider

    Playing on iOS and have the latest version installed 7.0.201215

    6) Your account name and server

    Buttface – Int #39

    7) What is your class?


    8) What is your in-game language?


    9) What did you do to keep the bug from repeating itself?

    Nothing – cant fix it

    Any help would be appreciated.


    you have to defeat those pets in the pet habitat (pet dungeon) first and not during a pvp battle.

    you can find the habitat here:
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      Ha Thank you!, its been driving me nuts.... no bug then.... I'm just not very smart


        Nobody knows everything. You know now.

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