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Blessing in Legendary Dungeon Bug

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    Blessing in Legendary Dungeon Bug

    I dont know if this a bug, but in my opinion it definitely is.

    During the LD i popped into the key shop, rerolled in order to get the insta-kill a monster for 6 rooms (at the cost of 3 keys).

    In the very next room i open a chest and get a blessing. Again the insta-kill monster but the weaker version, the 3 room one.

    Now, what happened? The weaker one just replaced the one i bought wasting 5 total uses.

    I think it should stuck like it happens for potions, or in alternative the blessing with more usage should prevail

    Blessings and curses do not stack.

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      I think this was written somewhere already and it's intended. Even tho it would be nice if lower quality blessings didn't replace the better ones.
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