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Mushrooms got lost

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    Mushrooms got lost

    Lost mushrooms?

    Read this list carefully to make sure none of the following applies:

    1) Have you drunk beer in the tavern to increase your thirst for adventure?

    2) Have you been to a dungeon more often than once in an hour? One visit per hour is free, additional visits cost mushrooms.

    3) Has the waiting time between two fights in the arena passed? You are only allowed to fight once in ten minutes but can fight more often by spending mushrooms.

    4) Have you bought new items in the shops? Some of them cost mushrooms.

    5) Have you clicked on "New goods" in the shops? New goods cost one mushroom per click.

    6) Have you leased a mount that cost one or more mushrooms?

    If none of these applies, please contact [email protected] and explain your problem: number of mushrooms, how and when they got lost, your server, your nickname.
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