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Flying Tube, Video Ads - FAQ

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    Flying Tube, Video Ads - FAQ

    "What do I have to do to get ad videos?"

    Usually, ads depend on countries, regions and other factors. Sometimes there are more videos available but there are also times with no ads at all. It depends if clients booked ads to be displayed in your country/region/for you or not.


    Browser: make sure to add the game to your popup blocker's list of exceptions.
    Steam: as Valve/Steam does not allow ads there are none available in the Steam version.

    "Are VPN tools allowed?"

    No, VPN tools (tools that change your country/IP) are not allowed as this would breach the contract between the ad video provider and us.
    Example: A company might have booked a video and pays for a French audience but if a French player uses a German IP he wouldn't see it.

    "I have watched an ad but haven't received lucky coins."

    In case an ad video does not give lucky coins, please report it via an in-game support ticket and send your platform (browser or app), the company in the ad/brand and a screenshot if possible. Now there is also an ID displayed next to the video. Please also send it in your reports!

    If no video ID or product is shown, the video cannot be reported and we must wait till the ad video company automatically removes it from the pool.

    Also make sure to use the latest Flash version (browser version only) and add the game to your list of allowed websites if you use a popup blocker.

    Please also read this thread and check if your browser allows or blocks Flash:
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