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    Legendary Dungeons



    The Legendary Dungeon opens a couple of times a year. You have 10 (or 11, depending on the dungeon) days to complete the dungeon and collect Gold, Epics and of course rare Legendary Items. You can enter the Legendary Dungeon by clicking the bottom-right event portal (town screen). A Character Level of 50 is required. As exploring the Dungeon is dangerous and requires all your attention, you cannot complete Quests or earn money as a City Guard at the same time. You can only start a Tavern Quest or work as a City Guard if you are not in the Legendary Dungeon (you need to clear the dungeon first or die there).

    Highly recommended: enable sound including ambient sounds for a spooky experience!


    Want to go left or right? Fight a monster or flee? Open a chest or ignore it? The choice is yours! In the browser and Steam version you control your hero by clicking the interaction icons or arrow keys. The Android and iOS versions use swipe gestures in portrait mode.

    The Dungeon

    The Dungeon consists of rooms filled with monsters, traps, doors, golden special rooms, treasure chests, a Key Shop and Blessings and Curses. The deeper you are in the Dungeon, the stronger the monsters. Traps either deal damage or curse you (traps with a purple glow). Some golden rooms work the same in every run whereas others have RNG in them and your decision does not always yield the same result.

    Example of a Dungeon room:

    1: Dungeon overview
    2: Go left...
    3: ...or go right...the choice is yours!
    4: Room counter and your Gems of Fate
    5: Your hit points. The dungeon scales with your level, attributes and gear.
    6: Blessings (up to 3)
    7: Curses (up to 3)
    8: Your keys. Keys are needed to open locked doors.

    Gems of Fate:

    To get to the final boss, you must defeat a mini boss at the end of each dungeon floor first. Each time you can choose one of 3 Gems of Fate as a reward. Gems of Fate possess the power to alter your dungeon. Their powers are broken by defeating the final boss. You can choose new Gems of Fate on every subsequent dungeon run.

    Key Shop:

    Spend Keys to buy Blessings.

    What are my rewards?

    Many treasures await you in the Dungeon, but also mean monsters and traps lurk in dark corners. For a complete run (100 rooms) you will be rewarded with one Epic Item for each of the three boss monsters and a random Legendary Item for defeating the final boss. In addition, you will find other normal and Epic Items and Gold.

    Moreover, every defeated monster drops a Key you can use to unlock doors in the Legendary Dungeon. As treasure chests are already unlocked you only need Keys for doors. After beating the final boss, your remaining Keys will be left in the old Dungeon and you start a new run with 0 Keys as the old ones do not fit the new doors.

    Every run reduces the amount of Gold you will find. After some playthroughs some chests will have nothing in them but dust.

    Finding your first Legendary Item also unlocks Legendary Gems. You can find them in the Gem Mine of your Fortress.
    A Legendary Gem increases your Main Attribute and Constitution. The more Legendary Items you have, the higher the chance of a Legendary Gem. Legendary Gems are versatile and will change the Main Attribute depending on the wearer's class. Example: you are a Mage and the Gem boosts your Intelligence and Constitution. Equip your Scout with the ring and the inserted Gem will boost Dexterity and Constitution.

    What is a Legendary?

    Legendary Items are the best Items you have ever seen! They are better than Epics, always have a Socket (with the exception of Warrior Shields) and a Rune with a Hit Points bonus (all but weapons).

    You can only find Legendary Items during the 10 days of the event. In order to collect the whole set, several successful runs are required as you won’t get Legendary Scrapbook stickers for defeating a player with such items in the arena. Yes, such items are very rare!

    How do fights work?

    The combat system is different from the rest of the game: first-person fights directly integrated into the game world. In addition, every fight has been shortened (normal enemy: three turns; boss: seven turns) for a faster game flow.

    Another exception is that your Hit Points do not refill after a fight. You fight your way through the Dungeon until you have no more Hit Points left, which will end your run. You can try to run away from normal enemies in corridors (50% chance of success), but a fight against a boss is inevitable!

    The difficulty of the Dungeon scales with the Character and so does your loot! For example, drinking potions just for the Dungeon is not worth it, but it isn’t a disadvantage either. The “Improved Item quality” rune is special as you can get better Items with it.

    What about the Scrapbook?

    Legendary Items are added to your Scrapbook in an extra category and only if you find them in the Dungeon or get them for sacrificing a Legendary Item in the Toilet. Defeating other players who have Legendary Items equipped does not work, but don’t worry! Legendary Items do not count towards the Scrapbook’s percentage of completion.

    What happens if I throw a Legendary in the toilet?

    A Legendary Item adds 50 mana points just like an epic item. Sacrificing a Legendary Weapon (all classes) has a 33% chance of receiving a Warrior Shield. Moreover, receiving a Legendary Weapon from the Toilet will also unlock the corresponding Scrapbook sticker.

    Can my Epics look like Legendaries?

    You can change the look of Legendaries to that of Epics (and vice versa) with the Blacksmith. Changing the look of Epics to that of Legendaries works for all Classes and Items but weapons. Of course it is only possible if that Legendary Item is already in the Scrapbook.

    What about the entrance fee?

    If you die, your journey in the dungeon is not over as your progress is saved. You keep your keys, Gems of Fate, gold and loot and continue in the room your died. Your blessings and curses are lost though. Hit points regenerate automatically over time and you can also refill them by spending mushrooms. For every run refilling 20% hit points costs 10 mushrooms for the first time, 15 mushrooms for the second time and 20 mushrooms for all subsequent times.

    Ultimate Mode

    Legendary Dungeon Ultimate is a special version of the regular Legendary Dungeon.

    When entering the Legendary Dungeon from the city map you can choose whether to start the regular Legendary Dungeon or the ultimate version.

    What's the difference between the Legendary Dungeon and Legendary Dungeon Ultimate?

    Legendary Dungeon Ultimate is played the same way like a regular Legendary Dungeon but you have to pay a specific entrance fee.

    Advantages of Legendary Dungeon Ultimate:
    • 3x the amount of resources (blessings, curses and keys are excluded)
    • 3x the amount of gold
    • 3x the amount of legendary items if you defeat the final boss

    You can decide directly in the reward screen if you wish to keep or sell specific items.
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