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    Same issue

    Originally posted by SilvioSpas View Post
    I can't open the LD... I click on play the intro video but it gets stuck... Then I click on X and download starts and gets stuck. I tried to restart browser, restart game... Still not working.
    I have exactly the same issue. Tried different browsers with the same result. Please turn off intro video if you can!
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      Still having issues with this 2 hours after Leanders post. I somehow got the dungeon to start loading and clicked enter but then it froze again. took forever to reload the game and now it is stuck on a dungeon screen that i cant see anything or interact with anything. none of the buttons work. i cant even get to any of the other areas in the game.


        What's your platforms?

        Browser: refresh the game, clear the cache
        Steam: recommended as it is faster than the browser version

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          I'm playing the game on steam. There is no problem with the video and the dungeon now.
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            lol???? Makes me think a bit of Plok

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