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    Update 10.0 Discussion Thread

    Hello heroes!

    Get ready for our latest UPDATE to v10.0! will receive new server and client versions today and all other worlds are scheduled for Wednesday!

    New features:

    Legendary Dungeon: new "Diabolical Company Party" theme (the dungeon is still locked!)
    Legendary Dungeon: new Gems of Fate mechanic
    Legendary Dungeon: 3 new Legendary items added
    Legendary Dungeon: new doors and chests
    Legendary Dungeon: tutorial for doors and chests
    Dungeons: new "Tavern of the Dark Doppelgangers" dungeons (keys in gem mine; level 270+ required for Light World, level 350+ required for Shadow World)
    Scrapbook: two achievements for the new dungeons
    Arcane Toilet: warning when you are about to throw a Legendary weapon with a gem in the toilet
    City Guard: you can collect your reward with the enter key now
    Options: added Twitch link


    Legendary Dungeon: "Trick or Trap" dungeon renamed to "Diabolical Company Party"
    Legendary Dungeon: refilling 20% hit points now costs 10 mushrooms for the very first time, 15 mushrooms for the second time and 20 mushrooms for all subsequent times
    Legendary Dungeon: removed "Hole" special room
    Tavern: having no Thirst for Adventure left dims the candle on the progress bar now
    Magic Shop, apps: "+900%" text during Sands of Time Special is better visible now
    Character: rotated Legendary weapon "Excalibur" and reworked it slightly (the old fight animation looked odd)
    Mushroom dealer, Steam: vouchers button no longer overlaps text

    Fixed bugs:

    Login, Steam: fixed a "Character couldn't be verified" error
    Legendary Dungeon: fixed a bug that displayed the wrong mouse cursor when clicking on chests or barrels
    Tavern: fixed a bug that still displayed a little bit of Thirst for Adventure although you did not have any left
    City Guard: fixed a visual progress bar bug
    Weapon Shop: fixed missing shield descriptions for non-Warrior characters
    Magic Shop: potions for level 600+ players have a sales value now
    Guild: the Hydra's hit point bar is no longer visually empty when the first player of the day attacks the Hydra
    Mail, apps: joining a guild did not always work
    Underworld: the Keeper's luck value is correctly displayed now
    Underworld: switching from Fortress to Underworld no longer displays the attack window of the Fortress now
    Dungeons: finding a dungeon key did not always make the dungeon button flash

    Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!
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