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  • Jörg
    21 days for officers, correct

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  • Valkyra
    Originally posted by Leander View Post
    Guild: inactive guild leaders (21+ days) can be demoted by regular members after 365 days now
    So the 21 days rule applies only for officers now, or they need to wait 365 days also ?

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  • Leander
    Any feedback?

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  • Leander
    started a topic Update 11.0 Discussion Thread

    Update 11.0 Discussion Thread

    New features:

    Legendary Dungeon: new environment, graphics and sounds
    Legendary Dungeon: three new Legendary items
    Tavern: new event combinations for 2022
    Blacksmith: dragging a gem onto an equipped item with no socket opens "Add socket" window now
    Options: new custom cursor for browser (optional) and Steam
    Witch: new cursor states for spell scrolls
    Underworld: new info window when you don't have any underworld units but are about to lure a hero


    Legendary Dungeon: the curses enemies can inflict are floor-dependent (floor 2+) now
    Legendary Dungeon: you can win against the Balrog now and gain a healing
    Legendary Dungeon: rebalanced monster damage and chance of blessings and curses based on feedback
    Legendary Dungeon: changed artwork of monsters and rooms
    Legendary Dungeon: added info that some blessings and curses are not active in boss fights
    To-Do list: rephrased entries
    To-Do list: "Arena Manager" ticked off if every building is level 1+
    Guild chat: repositioned chat icon
    Scrapbook: replaced "Walking Stick of the Grey" and "Salbadriel's Gift" (name and artwork)
    Tavern: slightly decreased size of event icons
    Tavern: increased chance of lucky coins during Lucky Day event
    Arena: removed obsolete "Save fight" checkbox for arena fights
    Pets: increased drop chance of earth pet 16 and light pet 16
    Fortress, apps: improved click box of unit and gem mine buttons
    Guild: inactive guild leaders (21+ days) can be demoted by regular members after 365 days now
    Guild: now menu button flashes if guild pet fight is possible

    Fixed bugs:

    Legendary Dungeon: back button of stats is no longer overlapped
    Guild chat: long links are no longer displayed incorrectly
    Guild chat: received whispers by the same player are no longer merged (which resulted in an ugly look)
    Character: added missing thousands separator to number of hourglasses
    Character: extracting a gem no longer displays armor at gem position
    Character, apps: fixed a display issue of attribute popups
    Tavern: gambler no longer displays dice with event bonus after midnight
    Blacksmith: fixed a display issue of "Change look" function with Legendary items
    Pets: dragging fruit no longer makes them invisible
    Fortress, apps: searching for gems too quickly no longer skips one search
    Underworld: number of souls during Days of Doomed Souls event no longer overlaps underworld text
    Guild: list of members no longer jumps to top of screen when viewing players at the bottom
    Mail: messages can be right-clicked again (similar to chat)
    Mail: list of messages no longer jumps to top of screen when clicking a new message
    Mail: fixed a "You don't have any messages" error although you have the official S&F newsletter in inbox
    Mail: subject and date no longer overlap
    Hall of Fame, apps: fixed a bug with placeholder text
    Wheel of Fortune: added missing thousands separator to number of lucky coins
    Options: fixed "Disconnect from Facebook" function bug
    Options: switching languages instantly switches all text entries now