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    S&F Discord

    I am no longer contributing to Playa Games forums, but dont worry all my Guids/Tipps/Information are still available at our community Discord!

    Hi everyone, I'd like to present to you our S&F Community Discord.

    Logue from w7 and I thought about how we could better cross-community communication and came up with the idea to set up a general S&F Discord server.
    S&F does have the forums, but the options for direct exchange of questions and anwsers or just chatting and discussion in the chatboxes are quite limited and unattractive.
    And furthermore the forums are quite seperated and only a hand full of people create a link to connect them and share informations the community came up with
    or specific details that vary in the news (e.g. as crticised here
    Maybe a central communication platform for the whole community can help to solve the problems.

    We losed no time and just set up a server (many thanks to Logue, he did most of the work) with some channels for several purposes and general discussion to see how it is accepted.
    It's still under construction here and there and we think about adding some more features, but I think the build looks quite good so far.
    If you have ideas to make it even better just write us a message!

    If you are interessted just use this invite and take a look:

    Discord is a communication plattform much like TeamSpeak or Skype.
    You can use it with the browser, even as a guest or download a desktop or mobile client that provides features like ingame integration etc.
    It's very intuitive and easy to use and has almost no entry barriers for everybody.

    We would very much like to welcome you at S&F's Tavern and share some thoughts!
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