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    Iv played along time on world 1..
    At a point it takes 1 month to get 2 levels and chasing a person thats in the 500's isnt worth my time..
    Created a 2nd character 2 years ago, after major update and that character is 35 levels behind me, and my main is over 7 years.
    But setting on a server with Maybe <10% playing and I cant even find most of those in low levels.. To join my dead clan..

    So, since the creators cant clean the system, I will know that my characters will be here for ever..

    Nite folks.

    yeah, levels get slower as you get higher and of course new chars will keep up with levels.

    but your main should be so much stronger in skill points because of all the gold you gained over the years. also level doesn't really matter anymore, since it doesn't make you stronger and since you reach a gold cap, there is not even the argument for you get more gold per quest left. so the only way to play is to max gold and get most stats so you win every fight. =P

    for the dying servers... well, only w1 seems to stay semi active, all other worlds and servers seem to die out after a couple of years.
    the devs already stated that they can't merge servers and for as long as there are new servers popping up, old ones are gonna die. if you want to play on active servers it's usually s1.

    I'm not playing on s1 and on my world there are only around 300 active people left.


      Dead server issue solution is to implement Ascension Paths, as described here:
      We only need to wait patiently for 3-5, maybe 7 years and it will be there.

      Arena Manager's "sacrifice and restart" mechanics is a great step towards the acceptance of Ascensions, but it needs some time to be adopted by players. Then some time to merge servers..


        sorry, but i don't like this idea of progression for the hero himself.
        if this comes I'll quit. I've played enough of those games that repeat themselves over and over.

        same with the manager. it's just boring to upgrade the same buildings every day from 0 to 500. for me this is not an option. anyway. ^^


          Can I suggest that Im on the first server?? been there along time.
          Over 300,000 listed, and Level 19 is in the top 10%(around 30,000).


            i don't see the problem with that.
            ppl. quit. and if we would delete all dead ppl you'd still have like 3k left, so what?

            but for loot farming stuff all the old inactive ppl. are needed. i can't even figure out how ascension would solve this, because it won't. this thread is not about it anyway.

            i don't see the problem with inactive ppl. to be honest.


              Originally posted by Ceroth View Post
              i don't see the problem with that.
              ppl. quit. and if we would delete all dead ppl you'd still have like 3k left, so what?

              but for loot farming stuff all the old inactive ppl. are needed. i can't even figure out how ascension would solve this, because it won't. this thread is not about it anyway.

              i don't see the problem with inactive ppl. to be honest.
              It's a problem because Playa keeps opening servers due to "previous servers having more than 200 000 players". They said it's technically hard to maintain servers with such amount of players. So they open new ones.

              However, everytime a new server opens, players from the last one will just move to the new one, which will cause a decreased activity in the older servers. And then, this will eventually happen in the new server too.

              But like ECash said, of those 200k/300k players, only a really tiny percentage are actually accounts that were played. Most of them are just levels 1-10. So why not delete those? It could also help to prevent migration from old servers to new servers, since this would decrease the number of new worlds.


                because you need them to find the last low level gears.
                and it's crap that 200-300k=new server. it's simply the money opening a new server generates, because a lot of ppl. start out spending to get first.

                there are several examples for game that do this. it's always the same. managing old servers gets expansive, while the income drops further. a new server generates a ton of money and doesn't cost much.

                for "idle heroes" there was a statistic about their income. they open a new server every week and a new server generates 200k$ the first month, while old servers generate just 20k$ in the month, but all the old ppl. get far into the game a need/want new content which again costs money. it's just better/cheaper to "resell" everything you have already done again than to produce more content.

                the worst part of this is, it's our own fault. it's these ppl. that start on a new server and spent instead of spending on older servers. like you mentioned, there are ppl. that change servers as soon as a new one pops up. income on old server drops, on new server rises. = company sees the numbers and well... ppl. spend more money on new servers so we keep giving them!

                there was also a statistic about how ppl. complain that every mario game is the same, but each time Nintendo did something new, it sold a lot less (10%) of the original Mario titles. so on 1 hand ppl. say they want something new, on the other hand they buy the older stuff. here it's the same. ppl say we don't want new servers, but on the other hand ppl. spend a ton on new servers. stop spending on new servers and no new server will come. nothing the devs can do about it. =P


                  Something to think about on the top tiers, is they are HIGH..and fairly balanced and sitting there, just adding Power to the character.

                  Iv had this debate before..
                  After you hit the Max point, you get a certain amount all the time..
                  Like 2 cars racing.. both keep putting in the same amount, even if they Started at Diff positions, they will be the same all the way around the course.
                  The level dont matter at this point is the point being put into the character..
                  1 person recently passed the highest ranked person even tho he was 10-20 below in levels.. Top is over 500..and all he needs is to Add to his points.. the only ones to get a chance are those up Near him.. My main character is almost 400..and gaining 2 levels per month going Straight to not going to help him.
                  Funny thing is I would harvest the lower level goods, If it didnt take 10 min per battle.. Im over 70%..fight and go play something else..fight again, is boring.. Why does a fight in HOF, not considered Arena, but you still have to wait on the timer?? Im fighting people 200,000 lower then myself. it dont count anyway..


                    level 400 and not even completed 100% !?
                    my low char is at 237 and it at 93%.

                    and i can assure you, you can keep up. if you both have all the same bonus, you still will get closer and closer to the leading one, just because of math.

                    he will always have 10k stats more than you, BUT, these 10K will matter less and less.

                    20K to 30K is a lot of difference, 100k to 110K is a lot less and 210K to 200K is even less of a difference until it becomes so small, that a single crit will turn the battle in your favor. (depending on class)

                    this game is not about levels, since levels don't = power here. that's why i never understood, why ppl. are so focused on levels. it only adds some life points and the bonus is very small.


                      it is interesting about my main not being higher tho.
                      Was raising using Balance along time, and the Lesser skills should be Tops, and they arnt.
                      I would race up until I was loosing, then Sit and build up money and points, then push again..
                      My second I only min max and has better everything..