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    Pets and stats

    Hi all, so I was checking my stats and when you scroll over it it seems like your pets have some sort of a contribution to your stats. Anyone know how this actually works? Are there any threads breaking this down? I’m asking because I want to make sure to pick pets that compliment my character and how I want to build him. Thanks in advance

    Just got an earth apple and fed the goat and leveled him up a level, took a SS of my stats before and after so leveling him up didn’t change that number. Just looking for clarification of what it means


      here ya go mate

      The 100 Habitat fights give you Gold and XP. Moreover, the packs boost your hero's respective Attributes by +1% per Pet.

      Shadow Pets: Constitution bonus
      Light Pets: Dexterity bonus
      Earth Pets: Intelligence bonus
      Fire Pets: Luck bonus
      Water Pets: Strength bonus

      Moreover, if a pet reaches Level 100 you get an additional bonus of +0.5%. The bonus is increased to +0.75% at Level 150 and even +1% at Level 200."
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        Sweet thank you