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Still the same this one game .

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    Still the same this one game .

    From time to time , it saddens me that this game is never changing nor progressing anywhere . I always create character , start anew just to delete it some time after . I saw that there are stats below stats on the equipment from some new kind of whatever upgrade thing , new server aka redistributing player base upon more and more servers to easily grab money from those who think that being first on server which in close future will be irrelevant and half dead anyway , except for first like 100 fools who wish to be first in hall of fame , is fun or challenging .

    It’s good tamagotchi simulator to be honest but this aggressive , egotistical misuse of psychological tricks from the side of people responsible for this game , whomever they may be , is always sickening me .

    To treat people like mindless idiots , releasing iPhone 78 aka new server and not even releasing new features with the server but only “ faster start “ in terms of tavern bonuses is pathetic . Apple at least acts that they came with something new alongside with numbers .

    Game itself ? Atrocity beyond measure . I already stated how much I despise all these mini bs activities like city or pets because they among the other things like toilet , witch , dude with hammer , wheel of fortune and whatever I may have forgotten are just DIVIDING YOUR ATTENTION so you won’t notice that the core never changed . That the cycle of tavern arena dungeon character shop is still there . They just add couple more things to create bit longer cycle nevertheless the same . Now you have rune picture and some different color variation text below equipment which is basically just yet another fancy attention breaker . It’s like writing instead of strength 345 , 342 +3% ( it’s not correct for you math boys , I just made it up ) and placing 3% under your sword in purple pink color and calling that update because hey , it has new shop hidden inside the shop or whatever .

    Equipment skins or transmogrification or whatever you call it , that’s absolute sh*tfu*kery . Something that back in the day had value (epic items ) not only everyone now wears , you can even wear whichever look you want for a price of money . Not only are epic items as valuable as normal items , even the sheer random spectrum of looks and shapes and colors now lost its meaning .

    Class balance ? Never ending discussions about class balance always make me ponder . Which class is better or worse ? And how is it possible that no matter how many informations about stats or formulas we have , we always argue and are unsatisfied with the class . It’s because you can’t logically count chaos . Luck is chaos , it makes no sense . It’s like trying to put Jin in order like Jang , you cannot . You cannot count something that is random and chaotic . There are indeed always only 2 possible outcomes but the sheer spectrum of possible numerical differences is really really wide . People experience only some part of the spectrum which forms their view upon the class across certain time frame . One thing is math and the other is complex human perception which hardly has something to do with math only . If you can count psychology somehow , you truly are gifted mathematician , yet describing the phenomenon in different language gives you no power over it . Outcome of the duel or effect it does have on human being is above pure logic .

    I know that this is supposed to be nice and easy basically nearly idle child game but injustice we allow developers to exercise upon us , the consumers is absolutely terrible. People are basically throwing money for colorful excel table so the foreign computer assign to the character name the number 1 for example as we see in hall of fame . The whole game is relative thus you , being the first is thing of future present or past and that’s like considering your own shadow being some kind of accomplishment . Shadow is apparent only when the weather is sunny and you are outside etc but when it’s rainy or cloudy or you spend most of your time in building you won’t cast shadow . That’s how and maybe even more relative is being first in hall of fame . And being first ? How many stupid servers are out there ? Global hall of fame ? You will never be truly truly first because those like 20 people who change their place based on even purer rng because from some point even 30 40 level difference makes no difference :

    I want you people to wake up and demand the change you guys deserve . You pay real money for colorful text and pictures which’s value is just increasing . I know that every game is basically like this or even real life is just outside world and consciousness getting “ older “ but many people at least try their best . These snakes are just copy pasting and adding more and more confusion so you won’t see what kind of fools these people have you for . If they truly had your fun instead of numeric value on their account on their mind , you would see this game to truly become something out of itself . S38 ? Really ? I would be ashamed if I had to say something like this . Poor forum administrators who have to act like devil advocates and have to announce this with even some kind of fake enthusiasm (as far as words allow ) . I would like to see this live so the cringe would fill the screen of each one of you watching . On the other hand , admins are making the choice each announcement made . Who am I to judge admins . But iam judging the game as final product which was complete years ago .

    Please people don’t pay for excel .

    It would be amazing to boycott new servers, but it's impossible, there will always be some guys to go make new chars and spend more... in a bit we'll have a mini gamble game (rumors) And with the Arena Manager, you HAVE to pay at least 100€ to be able to follow up... (you don't have to but you will be behind everyone) I was thinking you were a little "dark" with what you were saying in the beginning, but I think you're right.
    What can we do about that ? We can't do anything unless all just playing for less money.
    In my case i spend money only in -20% sales, because i love this game for many reasons, but what they are doing with it isn't what i want.. anyways hope things will change
    NthraX, FR & EN Belgian player

    ¤ Dark Knights - NthraX --> Berserker level 382
    (new main account top8 on W35)

    ¤ Psilocybe Cubensis - NthraX --> Scout level 355
    (old account)

    I'm back from a long break, ready to shroom until it... shrooms


      I agree with you but please leave the admins alone. They are only employees who do their job.
      When i had the chance (and by this i mean once every few months just not to get annoying) i suggested in one way or other server merges and incentives to keep players interested in this game (non shroomers mostly). Unfortunately, as you said, the game took a wrong turn since version 2.0 (not gonna give up more details here, you know what i'm talking about).
      Hopefuly the company will take some actions and revive the game.
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        I'm sorry, but if you don't like the repeating daily grind and the randomness in fights, maybe this game isn't for you. However I agree that there should be more focus on already existing servers instead of adding more and more new ones. That's a problem that will sooner or later have to be dealt with.. I hope admins will realize this. The core of this game are players on the old, "dying" servers, that have been playing for years and years.


          I agree, but this game also has some defects, right?