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Naked Challenge! (not a joke)

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    Naked Challenge! (not a joke)

    We're recruiting in the Discord for a new "Naked Challenge" on the next server, whenever it opens up.

    The "Naked Challenge" would mean that you do not equip any gear or weapons and see how far you can go in the game.

    This is something to change things up from the same old same old and instead, could be a fun challenge unlike any before.

    Please join the Discord and remark that you'd like to join the "Naked Challenge" and we'll get you fitted into a guild right away.

    The other benefit of joining the Discord is you can optimize your current character with up to date Questions and Answers from our veteran players and mentors. If you want to beat your opponents, joining this Discord is essential.
    #1 International Hall of Fame Attained
    1st Complete Arena Manager in the World
    1st Complete Underworld in the World
    1st Complete Fortress in the World
    1st Complete (New) Scrapbook in the World
    1st to find all Pets in the World
    1st Deep Mine Master in the World
    1st to Gem Mine Level 100 in the World
    1st to Gold Pit Level 100 in the World

    Any staff or sponsored players with access to free/unlimited mushrooms are null and void for any achievements

    Eat & Sleep & Find a bug & Repeat :rider:
    [COLOR="Cyan"][B]S&F's Tavern[/B][/COLOR] - [url][/url]
    [COLOR="LightGreen"][B]SFTools[/B][/COLOR] - [url][/url]
    [S][COLOR="Orange"][B]Clash of Empires[/B][/COLOR] - [url][/url][/S]


      Naked for life!!!!


        I'll keep an eye on you. Nude mods are not allowed!

        Shakes & Fidget Community Manager

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