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Time machine and mushrooms

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    Time machine and mushrooms

    How exactly that works ?


    Explained in the discussion thread and the manual as well!

    Time Machine (max. Level 15): Time Machines don't have to be blue. This one lets you consume your unused Thirst for Adventure. The higher the Time Machine's upgrade Level, the more unused Thirst it can store. Moreover, the Time Machine produces a bonus of 1 Thirst for every upgrade (Levels 1 to 10) and even 2 for every upgrade (Levels 11 to 15).

    Time Machine Level 1: 1 bonus Thirst
    Time Machine Level 2: 2 bonus Thirst
    Time Machine Level 10: 10 bonus Thirst
    Time Machine Level 11: 12 bonus Thirst
    Time Machine Level 12: 14 bonus Thirst
    Time Machine Level 15: 20 bonus Thirst

    You can also fill the machine with mushrooms and it will drink unconsumed tavern beers for you, up to 10 per day.

    Example: you have a level 9 Time Machine which has a max. storage of 36 and produces 9 bonus Thirst. There are 4 mushrooms in the machine, you only spend 56 Thirst that day and have 44 left. Then the Time Machine stores 36 of 44 unused Thirst, produces a bonus of 9 Thirst and turns your 4 mushrooms into 80 Thirst. On the next day, you will have a total of 36+9+80 = 125 Thirst for Adventure in the Time Machine.

    All stored and produced Thirst can used be after midnight.

    Hint: Time Machine quests only give you Gold and XP.

    Hint: The machine does not use the Spell Scroll for the 11th beer of the day.

    Hint: Weekend Events don't have an effect on the Time Machine!
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