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    300 thirst potential

    Dear medium shroomers,

    In your experience, how far can you get by shrooming ONLY enough to buy a dragon and 10 beers a day?

    How long would you say it takes to get to, say, level 200?

    How far on the leaderboard do you get?

    Can you get into the top clans of the world by doing just that?

    Is there a major difference in performance between classes when playing this way?

    Is there any situation where this is not an optimal way of spending a minimal amount of mushrooms?

    Assume the person has enough free time and willpower to do all the rest optimally: filling the scrapbook early on, attacking often on fortress, etc.

    There's not a single answer to your questions because they depend on a lot of variables. First of, 300 thirst + griffin is the absolute minimum you have to do to be 'competitive'. As long as you do it over a lot of time (years, not months), you can achieve the top positions in the leaderboard, considering you're either playing on an international/local new server. However, the first few months (even the first year) will be tough as f... for you.

    300 thirst + griffin each month is equal to approx. ~25 euros (a bit less than that). In the first months you'll be playing against people who spend > 1000 euros monthly. Because of that, you'll be quite behind on almost every feature, because:
    • they will get every skip/boost possible for arena manager;
    • they'll skip dungeons tries to level up A LOT faster than you (level 200 on the third day of the world, for reference)
    • they'll spend mushrooms skipping fortress buildings times and, therefore, get far better bonuses (specially gems) A LOT faster than you;
    • they'll spend a lot of money on event epics not only to get enough epics to use on toilet (better aura -> better items), but also to dismantle those epics for crystals (better improvements in blacksmith)

    All these discrepancies will still be noticed in the long run (~2 years later, even more). And even though you'll slowly catch up to their levels, you'll never be able to fight the other stuff I mentioned (since, even with money, they take some years to be completed). All of this was just to give you a bit of 'context'. Now about your questions:

    How far on the leaderboard do you get? - If you ONLY spend money on 300 thirst + griffin, I dare to say you'll reach rank 30 in 1.5 years ~ 2 years on a new international server. This time may decrease for national servers (depending on the country, of course).

    Can you get into the top clans of the world by doing just that? - On an active new server: probably no. Maybe with a lot of luck. Early on people will spend obscene amounts of money and, of course, the top guilds will try to get those members. With time, they'll quit (like they always do), and that's your chance to join a top guild. I don't want to give you a timestamp for this, but maybe a couple of months (2, 3 in the worst case).

    How long would you say it takes to get to, say, level 200? - I haven't joined a new server in years (and I never played 300 thirst only), but maybe 1 month? I really don't know.

    Is there a major difference in performance between classes when playing this way? - Some classes (those that are really dependent on RNG, like berserker) often get more benefits from heavy shroomers, since they have the mushrooms to 'push' those RNGs. But at the end of the day, you won't see any big difference in the long run so just choose the one you like the most.


      Thanks for the answer! It´s nice to have a bit of context. I guess this really discourages me to spend enough money to do that. I think for now i´ll just buy the level packages and drink beer on events. Still, maybe I´ll do 300 thirst on the next server and see where it gets me.


        I'd agree for the most part with the guy above, especially at the beginning, people just turbo lvling with spending thousands of shrooms.

        But for the long run, i'd say it's better than he mentioned. On local servers in 1-2 years i'm 100% you can be top10 easily if you consistently use the daily 300.

        But even on internationals, if you consistently use griff + 300 alu, you will be top10 or even top5 imo in 1-2 years.
        Ppl just tend to get lazy in few months and quitting, missing days / weeks sometimes doing nothing, so if you do the 300 everyday you should be really good really soon.

        My brother is like top20 on a 3-4 years old international server and he uses only 120 alu 90% of the times.
        (As for me, i'm playing on an older local server and being top1 easily while quitted for years xD So ye, consistency and in few years you are really gg)

        PS.: Also play smartly obviously, like it pains me to see even top10 -top20 guys on my server often disregard important stuffs (just 1 example ever since runes are released and i got a decent amount of runes, i'm always doing quests with 50% gold bonus runes and many of them don't, meaning i get 16,5m gold per each quests max, while they get 11m which is a HUGE diff)
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