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    Shakes and Fidget wiki?

    I often need to check up somle quick info on the game (e.g. the prerequisites for the Graal in the mines, for the dungeon keys etc.), and this info can usually be found in those forums, but they are scattered all over.

    I was wondering how is it that a game as popular as S&F doesn't have an official wiki, like almost all other games have.

    There is an old French wiki with a few pages, not updated for years (they still mention the 3 original classes only), but I just don't find any other wiki page, especially in English to try and reach the widest audience.

    Are my search engines badly indexed and am I missing something? Or is this just missing?

    There is a game manual in which you can quickly get access to all those info



      You can find the guide here:


        Thanks for the info, it is clearly a good base source of info, and covers everything and more, of what a lambda user could need. But if you want delve a little deeper into the game, e.g. full breakdown of every class's damage and damage reduction formulas, compute tables of Arena Manager benefits, etc., these are not covered in the manual. Surely they exist within these forums but I've always found the indexing engine of vBulletin a bit strange in behaviour and the info is scattered and not always easy to find back.

        Still, so, it would have been nice to have a tool managed by the community... but I guess we'll do with the manual?
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          The Discord channel has a lot of information.

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