Get ready for our latest UPDATE to version 8.0 including the brand-new LEGENDARY DUNGEON "Fantastic Legendaries and Where to Find Them" and Legendary gems! The dungeon will open its gates on Friday at 00:01 CET and you'll have 11 days (up to and including Easter Monday) to reveal the magical secrets of the old school of magic, fight dangerous monsters, collect gold and epics and find new Legendary items! Look forward to completely new blessings, curses, redesigned rooms, a map and much more!

Updated Legendary Dungeon manual: Link

List of new features and changes:

From Friday to Sunday we will have five different events: CRAZY MUSHROOM HARVEST with +20% more mushrooms at the mushroom dealer and an increased chance of mushrooms on quests, EXCEPTIONAL XP EVENT with twice as much XP for quests, daily missions (base value), arena fights, upon collecting from the academy and from the wheel of fortune, and pet Luchtablong can be found during the event if you unlocked it in the pet habitat, FORGE FRENZY FESTIVAL with 15 instead of 5 points for dismantling items with the blacksmith, twice as many arcane splinters from the gambler and the wheel of fortune, and you can find metal and arcane splinters on quests, SANDS OF TIME SPECIAL with 10x more hourglasses in the magic shop, twice as many hourglasses from the gambler, and you can collect hourglasses on every quest in sandy regions and TIDY TOILET TIME with twice as many mana points for throwing an item in the toilet, and pet Mantiflame can be found during the event if you unlocked it in the habiat.

Have fun!