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The Hellriders need some help on the

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    The Hellriders need some help on the

    Hello everyone !
    I'm rerel, the leader of the french Guild called Hellriders !
    Founded some years ago, we are quite well-developped, indeed, we have the following bonuses :
    • Fortress level 30
    • Gold bonus 120%
    • Experience bonus 122%

    Not bad, right ?
    And what about slaughtering ? (The interresting part)
    • Portal : We have defeated the big smelly rat some days ago, so we have 1% damage bonus
    • Dungeons : We have beaten 19 dungeons yet, maybe 20 in a week !
    • We do war against others Guilds very often

    We are 27 members, the average level is 122, but I'm level 188, and we do have a level 259 and a level 251 !
    The mushroom stock is getting bigger every week, so we are on the way of victory !
    Interested ? Send me a PM in the game (pseudo = rerel) !
    You don't speak french ? No problem, I'm good in english, and my friends probably are

    Have a nice day, and enjoy
    Rerel, leader of the Hellriders,