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Concerning guild descriptions and behaviour towards guilds

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    Concerning guild descriptions and behaviour towards guilds

    I never read a rule about not copying someone elses post.... are we making rules up as we go along now?

    And it wasn't an exact copy anywhere, it was one that was making light hearted fun of the details from Silver Sharks, therefor edited, and not a copy.

    This place is rediculous.

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    edited as the matter was resolved.
    Last edited by GeorgeKen; 20 December 2011, 08:05 PM.
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      I moved the posts above from the guild recruitment thread to this topic so the guild recruitment thread doesn't get chaotic and off-topic.

      1) the forum isn't the place to make fun of guilds or users

      2) you shouldn't post in the name of another user what he/she would possibly say

      3) yes, the recruitment post was a had the same wording, only some details (guild names etc.) were changed.

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