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Do you want to get into the top 30?? Then join us!!!!

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    Do you want to get into the top 30?? Then join us!!!!

    ~~The glorious 30~~

    Are you looking for a guild that provides you great resources
    and infrastructure in order to reach your goals?
    Do you want to become a legend and
    be immortalized on the official "Shakes & fidget" website???

    Well... then I can offer you a perfect solution.
    Me (AgentMoe) and my buddy are highly experienced
    players that have been playing S&F constantly
    since it was released back in 2009.
    We have reached multiple Achievements on different servers
    and are now aiming for the biggest objective in our career.
    We are trying to make history and get
    every player of our guild into the top 30 of the leaderboard.
    It will be hard, but you can ensure that you will get 2 mature and
    determined chiefs with great leadership qualities.

    If you are interested in joining our duty,
    then show me a short application by replying
    under this post or sending a personal message.
    Chances are currently high getting invited,
    since we are still looking for a lots of
    focused and passionated members.

    your future boss,


    I would like to join


    it would be an honor for me to join your guild.
    I'am playing on the German Server s16. My character is Level 376 right now.
    I think it will make a lot of fun to play on the speed server. Expecially when we are sucessfull.

    With best regards,
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