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Suche 300 Alu-Gilde :)

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  • iudex

    Good morning Letan,

    are you interested in becoming a strong and fearsome member of the Shadow Wolves?
    Just have a small lock at our guild introduction do ge an overview of who we are and what we represent on the old and for the server tomorrow.

    [W1] Shadow Wolves - The pack is looking for you!

    If you like what you see and you find yourself represented at our guild requirements I´d appreciate a small introduction from you per PM.
    If we like what we will see, you´ll be the first to know and of course you´ll be in.

    Best regards,


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  • Leander
    The official language is English - it is the shared language of this International Forum where players from the UK, US, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Romania and Japan meet. Keep your posts in English, which is important for the social and communicative aspect of this International Forum as everbody should be able to understand you. Exception: Swedish, Danish, Dutch and Romanian are also allowed in the respective guild sections of our servers and in the Non-English Forums. Feel free to use one of the languages listed above in the chat box, too but keep in mind that chatting is more fun if more people join in - which they can with English as the shared language.

    German is also allowed in the guild section if an English translation is included (as I am from Austria and speak German).

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  • Cronos
    If you want you can come tou our proyect the black bulls, we train at 23:00 and with rotation.

    Link of the proyect :

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  • Letan
    started a topic Suche 300 Alu-Gilde :)

    Suche 300 Alu-Gilde :)

    Hallo zusammen!

    Ich habe vor, auf dem neuen internat. Server nocheinmal voll durchzustarten. Ich bin aktuell auch noch auf S36 aktiv und möchte einen zweiten 300-Alu-Char erstellen.
    Auf diese Weise suche ich eine 300-Alu-Gilde, die ich auf dem Weg nach ganz oben unterstützen kann

    Meldet euch einfach bei mir per PM oder im Thread!

    Ich wünsche euch noch einen schönen Abend und morgen gehts dann looooos!
    Lg, Letan