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300/320 Adventuring Player Looking for Guild on W1

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    300/320 Adventuring Player Looking for Guild on W1

    Hey Guys,

    Im from Germany and currently looking for a guild on W1 that will be able to compete in the top 5 guilds.
    About me: I always play my 300/320 adventure time with a 50% mount and top pots. Im a nice fellow and looking for some fun on the top.

    If you guys are interested so please contact me here.

    best regards,


    Hallo Qualle,

    we do know each other, don´t we?
    Are you interested in becoming a strong and fearsome member of the Shadow Wolves?
    Just have a small lock at our guild introduction do ge an overview of who we are and what we represent on the old and for the server tomorrow.

    [W1] Shadow Wolves - The pack is looking for you!

    If you like what you see and you find yourself represented at our guild requirements I´d appreciate a small introduction from you per PM.
    If we like what we will see, you´ll be the first to know and of course you´ll be in.

    Best regards,

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