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Looking for a 120 Guild

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    Looking for a 120 Guild

    Hi. I'm looking for a active and fun guild. I'm pretty experienced (about a year of playing) and have 2 chars at about lvl 275.
    My name is phadges on this server and useally play 120 alu per day.
    Hoping for a response, dragoonier

    You can join Theater vancoor

    Atm its just me but someones gotta be the first to jojn xD I'm online daily and its summer so for a good portion of the day too so youd always have company. You seem nice and experienced so thats a bonus. Id love to invite you but i cant find your username in game NVM I found you im so smart lols I was searching for a guild named Phadges xD sorry
    Last edited by SirEthan; 24 June 2015, 05:20 PM.
    If you want to join Theater Vancoor on W1 send me a PM in game!