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Band of 3 searching home!

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    Band of 3 searching home!

    Hey there!

    We, three nice and experienced gamers, are searching for a new home (aka guild ) on this server.

    What we have to offer:

    100-120 ALU dayly, 30% mount, loyality, voluntary donations, activity, crazyness

    What we need:

    A guild that is likeweise crazy with main laguage english or german (cuz we're german ) and an understanding that players have a real life, too. A bit chat-action would be nice!

    What we don't want:

    Rules for Donation, Rules how much ALU we have to do, Rules what mount we use. Don't take the game more seriously than life itself.
    We don't invest any real money, but if and when the flying TV's are generating mushrooms once more we are willig to donate some of them, too.

    Of course we will be there for every fight of our guild, only together we can thrive!

    We hope, somewhere out there is a guild-boss, that hears our crys all alone in the night and will offer us shelter....
    If so, please answer me here or ingame (my ingame name is Rakhisha) and we will come and enrichen your game

    See you soon in Chat, I hope!

    Accept invitation


      Theater Vancoor

      Hi, I sent you a message and I hope you consider joining us I feel that our guild would be a good match for you!
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      If you want to join Theater Vancoor on W1 send me a PM in game!


        Hello friends! Our guild is a good place for people, who are active and would like to get stronger. Our main language is english but you can write me and other officers on german. Kein Thema If you are searching for an active guild with a guildleader, who takes care of a guild, then write me in the game.
        Good Luck!
        Recruiting new brave people..Guild Lighthell Server W1 International