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    Originally posted by Vergere
    I can't write on forum, cuz my account need to be accepted by moderator.
    May I be the next member on the rotation mode?
    What I offer:
    300 AI, 50% mount and a lot of perseverance
    I can also dontate shrooms to guild and all my gold.
    Please give a positive consideration of application
    Thanks in advance


      Ayay since you are a guild with old farts you need young fresh meat huh?

      Time to show what the youth is made out of
      Would like tio join :-) 100 AL 30%/50% Scrapbook is no problem - Ive also been playing this game for like 3 years so my gameknowledge isnt that bad

      Ingame : ZeroCoLd

      Ayay da ihr eine Gilde mit alten Säcken seid braucht ihr junges frisches Fleisch huh?

      Zeit zu zeigen aus was die Jugend gemacht ist
      Würde lieben gern joinen :-) 100 ALU 30er/50er Mount und SA sind kein Problem - Spiele s&f schon seit gut 3 Jahren,bringe daher Spielerfahrung mit

      Ingame: ZeroCoLd
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        After the first Day on the international Server i want to thank all of our combahants for their great team-minded work and their patience.

        We are the biggest Guild of the international Server since it goes online.

        The 'fruit of our efforts' are

        Fortress : 30 // XP-Bonus : 30 % // Goldbonus : 10 %

        We also welcome our new eldery :

        Schranzer (Germany)
        Empty (Germany)
        Vergere (Poland)
        Stryker (Romania)
        Ciuby (Romania)
        Zixx (Germany)
        Natalie (Germany)
        Bageera (Germany)
        Steluxe (Germany)

        greetings, Thandron
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        ~ Cogito ergo sum ~

        W1 - Fierce Elderly from the S&F worlds unite!
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          Player (top 10 s2 rus 1 lev 370+ ) 50% horse ..11 beer a day ... looking for a guild (extension of the fortress, treasury and mentor to a maximum of mushrooms)




            At first, thanks to everyone that helped us that far, everything worked almost fluently and great shown teamwork.

            For everyone thats eager to join us.

            We are NOT an 300 AI guild, that forces everyone to play 300 AI. Simply because most of us are grown ups, with reallife.

            But we got ambitions, therefore many (round about 50% or more) play 300 AI, because they want to.
            Of course, based on our ambitions, 300 AI players are from now on, prefered. But stamina, proper behaviour, chatactivity, loyality and preferably an age of 18+ isn't less from importance.

            Except that, our guild is based on teamwork, we dont need egomaniac players.
            Despite achieving a good rang, we want to have fun in a loyal and grown-up atmosphere. That includes an active guildchat. (english)

            Our guild is based on a solid german core, but we want to play with peoples from all over the world.

            So that everyone feels comfortable in our rows, it is an requirement, to be able to read and write english.

            So far, happy hunting everyone and its all about fun, isnt it?


            We still got people on waitlist, but as everyone knows, sometimes people leave, or dosnt fit our requirements.
            Therefore, if you want to join us write a msg here, or ingame. But please be patient, we almost stopped rotating. And even thought we are the guild with the highest fortress lvl till now, its still some place missing.


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              ...finally we reached the Fortress 35 mark, the second Guild got 30.

              We still stay the biggest Guild of the international Server with unbelievable Members !
              Thx a lot to everyone for your hard work !

              Now we got :

              Fortress : 35 // XP-Bonus : 40 % // Goldbonus : 20 %

              New eldery in our house :

              Aelora (Germany)
              Jennifer Rostock (Germany)
              Bonesaw DE (Germany)

              Welcome !

              That´s it for the moment..

              greetings, Thandron
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              ~ Cogito ergo sum ~

              W1 - Fierce Elderly from the S&F worlds unite!
              Guildforum - The Elderly wants you !


                Hi! Just read your Guild-Description and I think the fierce elderlys will be the best match for us on this server!

                Let me introduce us: Our ingame-names are Rakhisha, Sedenya and Sara.

                We are from Germany and since I demonstrated by now that we talk enough english to suit an international server, werde ich jetzt auf Deutsch weiterschreiben

                Ich selbst habe ca. 5 Jahre Erfahrung auf diversen deutschen Servern incl. Offiziersposten und Gildenleitung und möchte mich hier auch einfach einmal in internationalen Gewässern tummeln, weil ich auch ganz gerne mal auf Englisch schreibe.
                Die beiden anderen haben erst wenige Monate Spielerfahrung auf S33 und S36, gehören aber zu mir und uns gibt's nur als Dreierpack

                Wir bieten:
                Aktivität (wir sind täglich mehrfach online, sehr gewissenhaft und daher auch bei allen Kämpfen dabei)
                100-120 ALU täglich
                30% Mount und (sobald die Fliegenden Kisten auch auf diesem Server richtig funktionieren) natürlich den Sparfuchs
                Wir spenden auch mal was

                Ich hoffe, Du findest auch, dass wir gut zu Euch passen und hast bald ein Plätzchen für uns frei!

                We would be eternally grateful, since the other Guild-Descriptions so far don't seem to fit.

                Hoffen, bald von Euch zu hören!



                  Originally posted by Rakhisha View Post

                  Hoffen, bald von Euch zu hören!

                  So you know any German has to have an English translation thanks
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                  have fun, fight hard, die honorably


                    And once again a day passed.

                    Hope everyone enjoy as much as we do the international environment.

                    Personally thats quite exciting, how organised are guilds from all that nations.

                    And once again a big thanks to our team, even tought many of us know each other, we found several new fellows. And indeed without grumbling they helped us with our way to start.

                    There are different tactics around, concerning guild extension, i'm excited what will pays out best, in the long run.

                    Today we didn't push fortress, but spend everything in our boni and well, not to bad.

                    At that point, sorry for all that want to join us. But even thought we are/were till now always the first with fortress lvls, we had to catch up with boni and that we did easily.

                    We come back on you at soon as possible.





                      Status report:

                      Third day has passed and we work on our XP- and Goldbonus.

                      Now we got :

                      Fortress : 36 // XP-Bonus : 66 % // Goldbonus : 40 %

                      We welcome a new Elderly in our Troop :

                      Incrementere (Germany)

                      greetings, Thandron
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                      ~ Cogito ergo sum ~

                      W1 - Fierce Elderly from the S&F worlds unite!
                      Guildforum - The Elderly wants you !


                        Huhu, würde mich gerne bei euch bewerben.

                        Ich heiße Johannes, bin 27 und Krankenpfleger.

                        Ich hatte bereits einen 300er Char und ein Par 250er, habe jedoch seit Januar
                        Diesen Jahres nicht mehr gespielt.

                        Jetzt juckt es mich auf Grund des Updates wieder mitzumischen.

                        Mount ist immer 50%, ALU höchstwahrscheinlich nur zw 100 und 200.

                        Spenden tue ich soviel wie verlangt wird, dazu gehören auf die ersten
                        Par Schlüssel.

                        Freue mich auf Antwort und Entschuldigung für die lausige Bewerbung, sitze im Zug und
                        Schreibe vom Handy aus

                        EDIT: Ingame Name natürlich *Vyse*



                        Hi, I'd like to apply to your guild.

                        My name is Joe, I'm 27 years old and working as a nurse.

                        A while back I had a lvl 300+ char as well as some others being lvl 250.

                        I didn't play since January but now because of the new update
                        Im eager to give the game one more try.

                        I'll donate as much as I can, including the first few keys.

                        Thanks, Joe (Vyse)

                        --- Moderator Note ---
                        Please edit your post to include the english translation. Additionally read the Board Rules and the Allowed language on the International Forum. Thank You.
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                          At the End of the week we got :

                          Fortress : 37 // XP-Bonus : 76 % // Goldbonus : 40 %

                          A new Elderly arrived...

                          Joe (Germany)

                          Now let´s start into the 4th. Birthday Event(s) !!!

                          greetings, Thandron
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                          ~ Cogito ergo sum ~

                          W1 - Fierce Elderly from the S&F worlds unite!
                          Guildforum - The Elderly wants you !



                            Status Report right in the middle of the Birthdayevent

                            Our Members donated faster as i can upgrade our buildings. That´s Top.

                            We got now :

                            Fortress : 41 // XP-Bonus : 84 % // Goldbonus : 68 %

                            Finally we welcome another new Elderly called :

                            Corpsen (Czech Republic)

                            greetings, Thandron


                            ~ Cogito ergo sum ~

                            W1 - Fierce Elderly from the S&F worlds unite!
                            Guildforum - The Elderly wants you !


                              Very well done, guys.
                              Maybe in the end we will "discuss" it out between you and us, won´t we?
                              Well... it´s not that we would not know each other
                              Alle Server, die ultimative Gesamtübersicht

                              Server 1 - Die ultimative Aufholjagd
                              Server 17 - Stärkste aller Gilden
                              Server W1 - Neu und offen für alle

                              Rollenvorschläge / Updatewünsche
                              Einnahmestatistik / Pilzkalkulator / Levelbremsen


                                Thanks Iudex,

                                and yes, we know each other.

                                And if i watch some guilds, you will have other guilds to fight, that might be at least currently, far more dangerous.

                                But we all know, how it may look like, after some time, dont we?

                                Best wishes and success.