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[W1] The Elder Wolves - The pack is looking for you!

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  • a¿¿¿¿
    I sent you a msg, if u can add your skype in answer

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  • iudex
    Thanks to both of you.
    Each of you has recieved a seperate private message from me.

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  • Blackwolf
    i´m here and i like ur guild name because i love wolves
    i´m 33 and very fast in filling the scrapbook. I´m from Germany but i love it to play international.

    would be nice to here from u

    with best regards

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  • Dartharia

    Hello, Dartharia here,

    I am currently an officer for RDV Syndicate after taking a large break.

    I want to be in the BEST guild!

    Using 320 Adventure every single day!

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  • iudex
    And you have the fitting answer as well as the first official pre-kick-off-guild mail has been sent a few min go.
    If you didn´t recieve this mail please let me know per PM

    Welcome to all new joiners - feel like at home!

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  • Maurill
    Hello iudex,

    I sent you an PM.


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  • iudex
    Shadow Wolves hunt in a pack,
    Shadow Wolves kill in a pack
    The pack is everything, the pack is one.
    Darkness in every corner,
    the Shadow Wolves lurking within

    You are an enduring and reliable player and want to live your live in a clear structured guild?
    You know how doughy it´s like to play a high-level account above LV300 and though you already do it?
    You know that any team is capable of much more achivements than the single person?

    Join the Shadow Wolves, the current world record keeper for Raid 50 and guild portal success (32%).
    Fight toghether with us side aside and beat down all foes on our way to the top.

    I am very proud to present the first twenty international Shadow Wolves:
    Deep Terror

    If I have missed somebody during this mess up of applications please apologize but
    we have realized that the feedback on our call to applicate was much, much bigger then expected.
    Deviate from a lot of guilds we do not use phrases like: "This time we really boost through our enemies"
    or other less convincing sentenses.
    In fact we just do our game as we did it in the past - we play the game we know
    the way we know, the way we have calculated and proved it.

    Simple and efficient requirements:
    - no minimum player level!
    - shroom consumption means only ten / eleven beer per day and nothing else!
    - continously filling up your collection book as fast as possible (no shrooms)
    - no other needs for spending shrooms - never!

    Guild Milestones:

    Are you interested and / or are there any open questions?
    Apply direct in this thread or contact my on LINE messenger (iudex_swolves)
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  • oliwer
    You got a PM from me in the German Forum as well!
    Looking forward to hunt with the pack!

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  • Fairlight
    Originally posted by iudex View Post
    Are you interested and / or are there any open questions?
    Apply direct in this thread or contact my on LINE messenger
    I like to comply with your request, so:
    PM in the german forum (Marethyu)
    Last edited by Fairlight; 21 June 2015, 07:34 PM.

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  • iudex
    started a topic [W1] The Elder Wolves - The pack is looking for you!

    [W1] The Elder Wolves - The pack is looking for you!


    We Shadow Wolves have deviated from our previous a announcement decided to acceppt the big
    challenge to fight for the server crown and also become the top of the tops on this international server.

    Anyway who are those Shadow Wolves and what are we able to offer to you?
    Originally founded in 2004 as "[GSW] - Galactic Shadow Wolves" we are able to look back on a long and honorable past
    either for achivements as well as for hard- and softskills.

    As Shadow Wolves we are represented on the german servers one and seventeen with the following general overview:
    The S1-Projekt has been started on the oldest of all Shakes & Fidget servesr to finally reach guild rank 1.
    It is our goal to prove that everybody can become the best and reach the highest ranks regardsless of the age of any server.
    After 652 days of playing we have climbed up to rank eleven and even managed to set the current world record for Raid 50.

    On Server 17 we do have at about 20,000 more honour than rank 2 and are with 33 hunted down portal enemies the currently worlds strongest guild.

    Most of our players have no need for pocket money and is currently playing high level chars in various top-ten german guilds.
    Due to this we do not offer a superactive guild chat but that´s life if the players do have a real life, isn´t it?
    Our average age is in the mid-thirties so you can be sure to find a chat which corresponds to the any kind of netiquette.
    Bravadoos, selfishs and discussion-dumbs with needs for dirty words are not wanted as well as we really hate bad LP-guys.
    We really do like videos about raids and for commercial purposes but then please make them look at least a little professional. --> [see here]

    Sophisticated statistics, guidelines and summaries can guide you through your way up to the highest ranks.
    We do offer detailled calculations and strategies for all known milestones of the known S&F universe and surely provide them to every wolf of our pack.
    Naturally we also take this opportunity so seperate the wheat fom the chaff and will only keep the most efficient and social best fitting wolfes in the guild.

    What are our requirements, what do we expect from you as potential Shadow Wolf
    - ten (eleven) beer per day is the only requirment you are about to spend on real money per day.
    It does not count whether you use them for EP / GM / Time questings as long as you consume 300/320AL
    - Who you are consuming your shrooms besides that is completely up to you
    - there was and will never be any minimum level requirement as well as we do not have any need for pots
    - maximizing the scrapbook! as fast as possible (no shrooms, just 10min-fights)
    - no other needs for spending shrooms on other things - never!
    - we will help you to translate if necessary but writing language is english.
    - we are a feudal-democratic guild. We discuss and decide toghether. Overvoted member take the guild desicion as their own.

    Are you interested and / or are there any open questions?
    Apply direct in this thread or contact my on LINE messenger (iudex_swolves)
    German Version

    French Version
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