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  • PegaLil
    One month is already over again!
    A month full of trouble. Not only laziness of some plushy members threatened the solidity of The Mob,
    but also the sun bleaching the fur and the skin of some little monsters was unexpected and for some of us painful.
    It's always surprising and sad, when some fuzzy members of the group decide to go. But it happens.
    Thinking of solutions to get more funny and buoyant nocturnal creatures for The Mob, they went to town searching for the hall of fame.
    While going there, some dwellers of the woods needed the Plushies' help with some big monsters.
    It always wasn't a big deal but still exciting and rewarding.

    When they finally reached this hall, the little ones were amazed of how big it is and how many people are there.
    Most of them went there together with their team, just as the Plushies did. But some seemed very lonely.
    That's what the Plushies were looking for, people who could need some good company.
    Since most groups in there wanted to fight, the clever plushy sweeties decided to write letters so noone thinks they'll get attacked by them.
    Secretly, they put the letters into open pockets of those people, impaled the letters on arrows or even just put the letters on the people's head and ran away.

    Not many visited The Mob to reply whether they would like to join the fun or not, but the Plushies keep trying.
    They also try to draw better maps of the forest so it would be easier for the others to find the Plushies because they think it's the reason why people don't visit them ...
    On the first maps you could barely see any paths, only the dark green from the trees so if you don't know the forest it must be really hard to use those maps.

    In mentioned hall of fame some friendly groups warned The Mob of a "preschool of horror" which sometimes make excursions into the woods.
    The Plushies are already excited and want to see the scary kiddos!

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  • PegaLil
    It's a boring ramble. The part of the forest they're walking through looks the same everywhere.
    Some Plushies suddenly believed that they had enough and just left the hiking group.
    Saddly, they didn't go back to the accommodation but really left The Mob.
    Though, they also found some new sympathizers while searching for the "bad boys" in another part of the woods.
    Sometime, to relieve their boredom, they began to sing something. Something describes it perfectly. But it worked!
    But after singing the same song for about an hour, they've also had enough of that.
    Fortunately, they finally arrived at the place where the molesters were.
    But again, the fight was very easy and it really was more like cleaning up the woods ...

    Before fighting against anybody again, they decided to just go home to lie in.
    Here and there they build some new little features for their shelfs or for their treehouse.
    Such as stairs to another platform, where they already created some seating areas.

    This morning, they heard strange cries. It sounded a bit like a battle.
    Even though, the cuddly little Plushies wanted to relax again,
    they knew they should strike off and immobilize whatever it is that's responsible for the new trouble.
    But to be honest, how do you want to relax if some people are always screaming?

    [ We also easily mastered our second raid and will fight the third one this evening. ]

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  • PegaLil
    (A little inactivity never killed nobody ... ha ha. )

    Tensed, they walk through the last segment of their huge forest.
    Everyone takes in one last sweetener tablet before the fight begins.
    The first Plushies step out of the woods and are blinded by the light.
    When everyones eyes got accustomed to the bright light they saw some creatures.
    Those creatures tried to attack them but The Mob fought them with hands down.
    Some of the fluffy beasts didn't fight anybody because ... there was noone to fight with!
    Expectantly they waited some minutes hoping that this wasn't the whole fight.

    Again, the woodpecker arrived. It was surprised that somebody could beat the critters and was very thankfully.
    Apropos of nothing, the woodpecker asked them if they have the time to look after a part in the woods so they could "clean up" a bit.
    Still having enough provisions, the Plushies go back to the woods but follow the woodpecker to the place where someone apperently disturbs the other dwellers.

    [We easily mastered our first raid and will try the second raid at the weekend.]

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  • PegaLil
    The day has come. Feathers and fur waft through the air 'cause the fluffy creatures run through their woods like furies.
    Everybody is searching for their emergency chocolates and any other stuff which's sweet.
    Since they couldn't get loose from that mysterious saying of the woodpecker, they made a plan.
    The last few days they exercised as much as they could, trained themselfs in cuddling everyone down until they asked for mercy.
    They became that good that even the worst enemies who were sneaking up in their territory haven't had a chance.
    And now they think they are also ready to fight those dangerous critters of which the woodpecker told them.
    So, right now they're packing their bags with the most important things, also the chocolates,
    and then go off to find that place behind the woods.
    Even if the Plushies don't really care about the other associations, they want to show the beasts that it's the Mob's forest.
    [First raid on Tuesday, 14th July at 2 AM ]

    Sadly, some Plushies already left or had to leave.
    But that didn't restrain sympathizers from joining the cuddly Mob.
    Still, there's enough space for totally innocent little cuties who think that a big plushy bunch could be the perfect place to live in.

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  • PegaLil
    It's a rainy day, however the Plushies work on building a treehouse on the slippery wood-stillage they've already built.
    Luckily, there was no accident. They already built a little shelter. Under that shelter they placed the large chest with all their beautiful findings.
    Since yesterday, they're not able to close it anymore. They find very much valuable things in extremely short time.
    [Yesterday, we fully upgraded our treasure! ]

    All of a sudden, while the cuties chatted in their new shelter, a woodpecker came around.
    They first watched and gazed it. They liked the way it sat on a branch. But surprisingly, it began to speak!
    Some were afraid, some gazed even more.

    "Far behind your woods,
    Is were they live.
    Being in different moods,
    And charism's repulsive.

    Escaping from them is burdensome.
    Fighting them's impossible.
    But still it's awesome,
    There are people who're undestroyable."

    Then he just flew away. Was it a sign? A challenge?
    He talked about creatures behind the woods. And fighting. Now, the little beasties are curious.
    Still it seems to be a dangerous place where those critters are living.
    Maybe, they should keep on training and then go on a journey, when they think they're strong enough..

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  • PegaLil
    (I'm sorry for the inactivity!)

    The last few days went really good for The Mob.
    The Plushies are more confident and act more assiduously than ever before. New experiences were made, even though some of them weren't that pleasant.
    But everything is sorted out again. And still the bad experiences are just a part of getting knowledge and normal to make.
    But generally, you could say the Plushies are more confident and act more assiduously than ever before.
    [The instructor is fully upgraded since yesterday!]
    Maybe, the little creatures now have enough time to build up new shelfs. Or even build a little treehouse to make it a bit more comfortable in the dark and sticky forest.
    But still they have another pursuit which is searching for treasures. There are places full of little treasures not found yet.
    [Treasure upgrade: Not fully upgraded yet, but only 8% left. ]

    They grow up so fast...

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  • PegaLil
    The crickets chirp, the sun sizzles.
    And the Plushies toil.
    Are they trying to get a bikini-body, or what?! Maybe. But in fact, they are growing by leaps and bounds.
    However, they can't just become buff! They have to be fluffy! Stark, but with a big layer of fluffiness!
    So, with the magic of cuddly forest-creatures, there suddenly appeared more cake as they are used to.

    If you ever find a little Plushy who's not able to live on his own anymore and you really want to help him, you should know, what a wild Plushy needs.
    So, here's a short list of things you'd need if that happens:


    · a soft pillow where the Plushy can sleep on
    · a brush if your Plushy has fur (but YOU have to brush it, it can't do that by itself)
    · something to play with, it's not complicated, they can play with nearly everything


    · breakfast (e.g. 10 o' clock): a small bowl of any sweets
    · pre-lunch (11 o' clock): chocolate (at least one bar)
    · lunch (13 o' clock): a big bowl of sweets and fruits
    · coffee-time (16 o' clock): hot chocolate or coffee; cake
    · dinner (18 o' clock or later): ice cream and/or sweets

    Of course the plan can vary. It's just a simple suggestion. Mostly, the cute beasty will exactly tell you what it wants.
    Also, if you let your Plushy go out at night, please make sure it has access to treacle (or anything else that's sweet and drinkable..).

    One thing which is very important is, that you talk with your particular pet. They need social contact.

    There isn't that much what the Plushies still have to learn about fighting.
    They still do but it's not much anymore. That's why they only can make small steps from now on.
    [Instructor upgrade: 86% ]
    And even if they attacked new opponents, they didn't find that much which they could ad to their treasure.
    [Treasure upgrade: 74% ]

    Let's see, what the end of this week can still bring them.

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  • PegaLil
    It's a calm and warm day. You can even hear some birds warble in the woods.
    The nature is quite lively today for this dark part of the forest. Maybe, it's because the tufty, fluffy Plushies again used the chance to relax a bit.
    Wait, 'a bit'? You really have to look closely to see where something happened.
    A few cuties built a new shelf together even though they didn't need to.
    [One more spot in our fortress!]
    The new shelf actually has embellishments and is fixed on a big willow.
    Wouldn't it be nice if there was a place where the Plushies can relax together and don't have to watch out wether they could come off the forked branches?
    Who knows, maybe they'll build a treehouse, maybe they'll just keep sitting in the moss or on the branches.

    The Mob took a day off.
    [Treasure upgrade: still 70% / Instructor upgrade: still 80% ]
    But they definitely deserved it. They can be proud of what they created in such a short timespan.

    Sometimes, it's wonderfull to be lazy.
    Anyway, the little beasties want to have their fun and have found their next victims while they sat on their trees gazing into the distance.
    Differently to the last days, they'll attack their victims at midnight now.
    Just hope, that their enemies aren't too surprised by the short midnight-visit.

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  • PegaLil
    Again, the whole Mob sits together. Some of them seem to be very sleepy, so only a few Plushies talk, while the others seem to just vegetate.
    Maybe, it was a hard day without the people supporting them on their journey.
    Right, all those people from the last days left the forest this morning. Suddenly, all of them were gone.

    As announced, there was a second chance for the Plushies' victims.
    The Mob also has beaten them up this time, but ... they'll have a third "chance" ...
    Maybe, the fluffy creatures should try something new, so the fight doesn't start to be boring.
    Let's see, what they're up to tomorrow.

    Besides sunbathing on forked branches at the top of the trees,
    they of course still observed their territory and fought everything and everyone coming too near to them.
    When they were too lazy to climb down, they just fought while they sat on their shelfs or even in the heights of the trees.
    Sometimes they threw with sticks until the "enemy" just left annoyed, sometimes they didn't even had to move,
    when another sweety was faster and ran the intruder over.
    Even if you don't believe it, but they learned something while fighting like this ... something.
    [Instructor upgrade: 80% ]
    And they also noticed, that an old tribe must have tried to hide their treasures in the treetops.
    Some of the Plushies are now fancier than ever before with their new necklaces and their plumage.
    [Treasure upgrade: 70% ]

    But this day wasn't only chilling and sleeping. One of the Plushies who has just become an officer had to go (because of reallife difficulties).

    Bye bye, Ooami! Maybe, one day, we will see you again. You know, you always meet twice..

    Still, the guild should have an officer who will care for the Mob when the other officers sleep. So we decided to "compel" another American to be an officer.

    A big 'Thank you!' goes to abefarley!

    Tomorrow it's one week, since we etablished our little company. Let's see, what we can accomplish till the next day.

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  • PegaLil
    Originally posted by Valkyra View Post
    I didn't want to ruin this thread but i cannot go on without saying thanks to PegaLil for the superb story. I loved it ! Can't wait for the next chapter.
    Ruining? You are not ruining anything!

    I want to thank you for your positive feedback.
    Of course I will keep on writing like this. It's more fun than just writing down the facts.

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  • Valkyra
    I didn't want to ruin this thread but i cannot go on without saying thanks to PegaLil for the superb story. I loved it ! Can't wait for the next chapter.

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  • PegaLil
    One of the more tough and skilful Plushies made a bonfire. The whole Mob thoughtfully stares into the blazes.
    They discuss about how they can improve their tactics in the next fight.
    About twenty hours ago, they went through the woods, searching for the first victims who will be purged. Defenselessly, they had to face destiny.
    However, the Mob then decided to left them in peace, but in about four hours those victims will have a second chance and can show, that they're not that defenseless.
    To be honest, they maybe aren't as defenseless as they were a while ago, but still the Mob will be stronger.

    That's because the fluffy creatures keep on expanding their abilities.
    With all the friendly people coming to the forest with worthwhile treasures, the Mob also was able to find more of those shiny things.
    [Treasure upgrade: 66% ]
    Some of those people were interested in teaching the (now) 26 little plushy monsters. Therefore, the Plushies gained even more experience.
    [Instructor upgrade: 76% ]

    Besides training their fighting skills, some of the cuties had fun with trying to understand each others native languages.
    [It's funny as hell to be in an international guild. ]

    As the Mob keeps on growing the head of the Plushies got herself some help for watching out for the bunch.

    Thanks to Hölli, Tigerlily, Ooami and H4RDW3LL for helping me with expanding and entertaining our lovely guild!

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  • PegaLil
    Three days ago, the story of a completely new companionship began.

    The fluffy creatures settled the woods. This isn't an area anymore where you'd be scared because of the uncanny silence.
    You would be scared 'cause you think you hallucinate seeing all the freaking droll creatures hopping from tree to tree on their shelfs.
    Sometimes they don't even have to fight enemies. Killer Monster Rabbits now just turn into Lunatic Monster Rabbits because they are so disturbed by seeing this crazy Mob.

    Day by day, The Mob gets more dangerous. Right now, there are 23 darkness-loving Plushies. They all seem to be made for each other.
    And with each new member they learn more and more.
    [Instructor upgrade: 44%]
    Some of them don't just bring knowledge with them, but also precious belongings.
    The Mob also searches for valuable things and they already know pretty good where they can find such things.
    [Treasure upgrade: 36%]

    But there's a big problem!
    Chocolate-addicts will be gloomy if they realize that there is no chocolate anymore.
    Just hope that someone will come to the woods who has rare stuff, so they can feel reassured..

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  • PegaLil
    Once, ten little Dark Plushies met and sat together on their shelfs, spoke a lot, fantasized about what the future will bring.
    But the other day, suddenly, there were those "noises". They found out, there were five other creatures in the dark who came closer and closer to the Mob.
    The Mob prepared for a fight. But it emphazises, that those creatures were sympathizers!
    At least four of them could have their shelfs between the trees of the dark and cold forest.
    It's a pity that there aren't already five new shelfs, but one of the sympathizers just disappeared...

    The next day, there were more than 15 sympathizers! Mhmm, okay, it kinda sounded like that.
    Sometimes, the Plushies couldn't understand what those people wanted to convey.
    [Pleeease, write your application in readable English and convince me/us that you want to join the guild.]
    But four of them "made it through". Shelf-building in progress.

    Within one day, the yet originated Mob learned together [ 32 % instructor upgrade at the momemt] how to better stuff up themselfs
    and so they're even more cuddly! [ 32 % treasure upgrade at the moment].
    They wonder what will happen next, beside new sweeties joining. They'll hopefully quickly get their shelfs!

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  • Moorkrieger
    another update:

    Fort: 20
    Treasure: 30%
    Instructor: 30%

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