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  • Aplita
    UPDATE! And 1st raid completed!

    You thought we weren't here anymore?
    Do you believe W1 has become an inactive, dead server?
    Well, nope!


    An active, growing guild with friendly players & game chat. A guild that never gave up and stayed in the server, fighting to reach the top of the ranking in the long term.

    We didn't wanted to annoy the Forum these days, without important news at all. That's why we didn't updated this section.
    But now there are some things to say about us!

    In this month, we:

    Welcomed 2 new players in our lines! We're very proud to announce the arrival of:


    Improved our average guild level! Yay!


    After a looooot of time, we finally could gather enough coins to start the raid... And we beat it!
    Everyone participated in this fight! You can now be sure that the horrible duck won't scare again!

    Don't give up with the server and join us!
    Our guild's charateristics are specified in the first message of this thread. If you believe you can qualify, don't hesitate on asking!
    Remember we keep looking for shroomers to help us on our way to the top!

    Until the next important news... Farewell!


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  • Aplita
    Weekly update!

    Hello, S&F players!

    This week, Void Walkers kept up with the good work. Our members are growing fast and we won several guild fights!

    Although we couldn't improve our expansion levels this time, we're excited to announce that we're going to start our first raid very soon! YAY!

    We're pretty sure you wouldn't like to miss the chance to start completing raids with us, so JOIN OUR GUILD NOW via PM, post on this thread or in-game message!

    We have an empty slot just for you!

    Oh, and we keep looking for shroomers to co-op with us Invest in us, you won't regret it!

    Also, we would like to welcome our new members:


    Last, but definitely not least, we congrat the awesome Tanduit! He has just gained another place in our server's ranking
    Congrats Tanduit, first player to reach 1000 working hours!

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  • Aplita
    Weekly update!

    Greetings, soldiers!

    Another week has passed, new improvements have been made!
    Our current expansion levels are:
    Fortress: lvl. 25
    Treasure: lvl. 26
    Instructor: lvl. 25

    This was possible thanks to the constant donations of every of our members. And we won't give up to keep growing! Yay!

    Now that we have reached maximum levels of expansion without shrooms, we're on a new quest...


    Shroomer, if you're interested in joining our lines, don't think it twice and PM us! We have got special offers for you, a nice environment (cool people, active chat, friendly members) and growing expansion levels. We're eager to work side by side with you!

    Furthermore, Void Walkers are going to have the possibility to start raids very soon! (You wouldn't like to miss the chance, right? )

    Give a warm hug to the new member of this week, the great Werzan!

    Don't hesitate to join us, brave S&F players! We have got plenty of room for you! PM-PM-PM Nooooooow!


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  • Aplita
    Weekly update!

    Hello, honorable warriors!

    This week we kept up with the good work. Thus, we have improved our expansion levels even more!

    Fortress: lvl. 20
    Treasure: lvl. 25
    Instructor: lvl. 25

    We're very close to reach the top exp. levels without shrooms! SHROOMERS, WE NEED YOU!

    Our dear friend Tomikeiru® had to leave us this week due to personal reasons. See you someday, Tomi!

    Also, say hello to the new members of this week!

    We will be recruiting more and more people. Feel free to send us requests! Join us and fight by our sides!

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  • Aplita

    Greetings, brave soldiers! It's time for the weekly update

    We have worked very hard this week, so now we can offer you the following expansion levels:

    - Fortress: lvl. 19
    - Treasure: lvl. 22
    - Instructor: lvl. 17

    And, yes... They keep increasing!

    I'm also very proud to announce that the great Tanduit, who joined us eight days ago, has become the first player to achieve 500 working hours!
    You can see his name in the Records post here:

    Last but not least, say hello to the new Void Walkers!

    As we have upgraded Fortress, we now have space for 3 more warriors! Feel free to contact us
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  • Aplita
    Sounds good but let's discuss it pal I'm sending you an in-game message.

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  • Tanduit
    hey there, I would like to join I´m nearly 30 years old and have plenty of experience (lvl 331 on s14), but there is one little thing you should know: I plan to stay lvl 1, its kind of a project if that is no problem for you, feel free to invite me, nick is tanduit

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  • Aplita

    Hello again, everyone!
    Just a quick message to let you know we have upgraded our expansion levels. Currently, we have:

    Fortress: lvl. 15
    Treasure: lvl. 20
    Instructor: lvl. 11

    And they keep increasing!

    Right now, the guild is full. Welcome to the new warriors!

    If you are considering joining us, don't worry! We're working to maximize Fortress, so feel free to PM us or leave a message here

    Long life to Void Walkers!
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  • Aplita
    started a topic Void Walkers recruiting!

    Void Walkers recruiting!

    "Thus fought the heroes, tranquil their admirable hearts, violent their swords, resigned to kill and to die."
    - Jorge Luis Borges

    Hello everyone and welcome to our family!

    It's a pleasure to announce that we are currently recruiting active, honorable warriors, who want to fight at our side for freedom and to conquer the top of the ranking.
    We have got experience in Chili servers 1 & 2.

    Our requirements/rules are quite simple:

    - Any class (soldier, magician or explorer) is accepted, of any level (though, we are going to give preference to players lvl. 100+, because the guild is growing fast).
    - You MUST BE AN ACTIVE PLAYER, as our guild is 100% active. We expect you to be connected at least two times a day due to events (i.e. once in the morning and once in the night).
    - You must join attacks, raids, defenses and other activities.
    - You must donate gold when necessary, and if you've got mushrooms, we would highly appreciate their donation for the improvement of the guild.
    - We expect good behaviour and fellowship
    - As Leader believes in freedom and equality, everyone is promoted upon a few days to officers. You will recieve instructions on how to proceed; do not exceed your powers!
    Note: you could be demoted back to normal member if you don't comply with the rules!
    - We expect you to understand english because this is an international server, and all of our mails and important announcements are posted in english (of course, you can PM to request translations . Also, there will be no problem if you chat in other language, that's why we're international!).
    - Have fun!

    Current expansion levels:

    Fortress: lvl. 25
    Treasure: lvl. 28
    Instructor: lvl. 28

    Anyone interested in joining our lines, please write a few lines down here, PM me, or send an in-game letter (to Aplita, same nickname).

    Note: please send your PM/in-game letter in spanish, english or french.

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