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~ A B S O L U T I O N ~

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    ~ A B S O L U T I O N ~

    A B S O L U T I O N
    was created with the intention to be an international guild
    with relaxed but active players who want to enjoy Shakes & Fidget and have fun!

    This lead to the hardly achievable core rules:
    Be pleasant to everyone!
    Speak English!
    Have fun!


    A B S O L U T I O N
    is not intended to be on top of the Leaderboard,
    but we want to keep up and try to be in the Top 10030!
    This is why we need to make wars every day and
    upgrade the guild to its maximum!
    We need fair players for this.

    This lead to the core rules:
    Notify me of an absence!
    Spend a little gold every day!
    Gold is not much of a problem anymore ;-)

    We don't ask for mounts, minimum thirst, pots or this kind of stuff.
    We even are not sad when you don't make it to every war.
    But we also don't want players who only benefit and give nothing!
    It's all a matter of manners and fairness!

    Current Conditions
    (8th Februar)
    50 Member-Slots
    190% Gold-Bonus
    194% XP-Bonus

    To fill up our ranks, we are searching for some special players!

    - We love to welcome Players with HIGH LEVEL / SUPERIOR STATS to climb the ladder a little!
    - If you just started a character, shrooming will be needed to catch up!
    - We ran out of mighty and mysterious MAGES - your chances are quite high!
    - You are good at something else? Want to calculate or organize, like to find most lucrative enemies for us
    or are a god of communication? Make yourself an officer

    Please write a Mail to me or our recruitment officer in-game and we will make room for you!

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    We could advance a little bit and good amounts of flow into the guild!

    We still search for more high level players!


      Some of the lower members got inactive...

      Who wants to restock the gap!?


        Absolution could advance very well,
        specially on the higher end of the memberlist
        and we have better average of more active members!

        Also we could strengthen our ranking even while our high carry left
        and the -flow got a good swing!

        Now we have some officer medals to award!
        We need some responsible persons who want to undertake some tasks
        and maybe can see a challange in it or just evolve further

        PS: I will not invite guys who attach the officer promotion as a condition for joining.

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          Advantage goes onward!
          Buildings fortified, new faces in town, home-brewed coffee for everyone! Eeh..

          We completed the first four raids and some members
          start entering the demon portal, like this:

          We still gather players of all kind!

          You are more a quiet soul but advance quickly? Join us!

          You are very communicative but just started playing? Join us!

          You want to take some officer tasks? Join us!

          You have tons of mushrooms lying around? Yes... who don't want to have you?

          You are not in the list? Join us anyway!


            Advantage goes onward!

            6 months have passed since the last update.
            This week the guild celebrates its 1st birtday!

            Many good players have joined us!
            ...defeating guilds twice every day!
   Act I of 10 guild portals soon!
            ...raiding successful every sunday!

            We are looking forward getting into Top 50!

            Save your spot in the midst of Absolution!