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    Interested in SF Illuminati?


    Hello all! My name is Mail and I am a loyal representative of SF Illuminati! The guild was founded on June 23rd by El Pistolero.

    We are an international guild with members from all over the world. Our guild chat is mainly English but sometimes its German, Czech, Polish, or French.
    We have a very busy chat, and a very friendly atmosphere. This server is international, so why not join an international guild where you can meet players from around the world in a competitive, active, community!

    Currently we do raids every week, but we need stronger players to help contribute to our raids! We also do guild battles twice a day on the days that we don't do a raid

    We no longer need shroomers as we have 110% bonuses currently, but gold is appreciated, and we usually ask for our members to donate their 10h of city guard!

    We would love if you joined us send your application to join to El Pistolero, or Mail!

    Become legendary today with SF Illuminati!
    Last edited by Mail; 17 January 2016, 07:51 PM. Reason: Name change!

    Wow! Since the first post, we have grown greatly! We also completed the sixth raid the other day, easy peasy! We now have 112% bonuses.

    Currently we are only accepting players above lvl 60... unless you are a super active player below lvl 60 using 250-300 thirst, with a 50% mount, and at least a 40% scrapbook. Apply today with your application, send it to Mail

    We are also in great need of a player above lvl 90, they would greatly contribute to our guild. You would be the star!

    I'll update again soon!


      Illuminati confirmed.
      My life, my choices, my mistakes, my lessons note your business.


        Wow! A lot has happened since I last updated. We got to 116% bonuses, and we have so much gold, everyone has been donating their 10h of city guard and its really paying off

        We also got a BUNCH of players over lvl 100!

        5 to be exact, but it will be 6 tomorrow, early congrats to Maharg!

        If anyone wants to join, just message me in-game! We have 3 spots available

        Our current requirements to join are
        -Lvl 70+
        -atleast 100 thirst
        -Active in guild activities such as chat, guild raids, and dungeons


          122% BONUSES!

          We recently did back to back raids and now we have enough already for another raid.. but we aren't quite strong enough for the next raid yet. We believe we can beat it next week, unless we had a strong player over lvl 100+ or a a few... to join us! We can give you a great community, with a very active chat.

          We will let anyone who uses 300 thirst join us, no matter the level, but we really could use players over lvl 100+ joining us!

          Join for constant raids, guild battles, great teamship, and a lovely environment.

          Message me in game @ Mail!


            128% BONUSES, HUGE INCREASE.

            Hello all, in the time since the last update we got 128% bonuses, not going to lie, thats pretty impressive

            How did we achieve such a feat? we got some competitive, high level, friendly chatty new members who helped us achieve this! We will be getting 130% bonuses after this weekend!

            We have one spot available, think you would be a good fit for our active, growing community? send a message to Mail in game, or El Pistolero in game!

            We also achieved our highest guild rank ever, 28! Way to go team!


              The fortress, and 130% bonuses!

              The new fortress update is HUGE why not join our guild and learn about the new update with 49 other active, friendly, competitive players! Our chat has been full with discussion about the fortress update.

              We also recently got 130% bonuses, and we have established ourselves in the top 30!

              The guild is doing great, come join us

              We will accept any player who uses 300 thirst and has a 50% mount! But it would be great if we had someone over lvl 110+ join us


                RAID HELP WANTED ! ! !

                Hello everyone, Mail here. We tried to do the 15th raid today ( Myth's and Mysteries ) but alas.. we were so close.. with the hydra having less than 300k HP

                We are giving it another shot in a few days.

                We want to do back to back raids.. but in order to do that, we need some strong new faces in our guild. Having some new members over lvl 150+ would really make a huge difference.

                We have a lot to offer you, a great environment, a very, very, VERY busy chat.. I am sure all the members in our guild could tell you about that, and we also have pretty solid bonuses of 130%!

                If you dont want to join, thats okay too.. but we would love if you helped us with a few raids, then you could go back to your home

                If you want to join us permanently, or just do some raid help, message me ingame!

                Hope to hear back from someone!


                  Raids..Raids...Raids...You guessed it...RAIDS!

                  Hello all! Mail here again, well, the guild forum area for W1 seems pretty quiet lately for the most part...

                  But you better believe that SF Illuminati is NOT quiet!! We got 3 new members join us the last week, and we welcomed them all with open arms!

                  We have 132% bonuses right now, but as the title says, we are going to be doing some raids for the next little while, we are doing 2 back-to-back!

                  And guess what, no one even needs to donate gold, because a few of us donated a couple million a few weeks ago, so we have enough gold to last a loooong time

                  Oh! We also have 2 spots available as two of our members decided to take a break from the game, so if you want to join a very active, chatty, international guild, we are the place for you!

                  I hope to hear from you


                    We are still growing stronger!

                    Wow! Its been a long time since I updated.. I hope everyone had a great, spooky halloween, filled with lots of treats and very few tricks

                    Sf Illuminati has been doing very good of late! We had a great new player named Violet Wolf recently joining us, and we also beat 2 raids! We currently have 136% bonuses for now..We are doing the next raid on tuesday!

                    We have been super active of late, usually having 49/50 on raid attempts, as well as attacks! We have one free spot and we would love if you chose to join us.

                    Unfortunetly, we had to kick our friend Vare from the guild, as he was unactive for a while. We really could use another player that is lvl 200+ to join us as we try to beat raid Extraterra IV!

                    If you have any questions, concerns, anything, message me in game



                      a HUGE WEEK!

                      we had a HUGE- SUPER AWESOME- ACTIVE

                      We gained three very experienced, friendly, strong members, who will help us rise in the ranks

                      We currently have 138% bonuses, but this week are doing 2 raids! We will be able to beat the next one for sure ( not much of a challenge ) but the next one might be, who knows?

                      If anyone wants to join us, we will accept anyone over the lvl 160+, but other players can be on our waiting list until a spot opens.

                      Ill update again soon once we destroy these next two raids!


                        SF Illuminati wants YOU!

                        The legendary SF Illuminati guild has. . .ONE OPEN SPOT Yes!! You read that right, the friendliest, most exciting, legendary guild a lot of people have came to love has an open spot!

                        This is rare for us, most members have been in the guild for months, and everyone has grown very close but of course, just how any games are, we get some members every now and then who decide to take a break from the game.

                        Would you like to join our awesome community? Currently, we are only going to accept members above level 160, unless you use 300 thirst

                        We have 146% bonuses right now.. yes I know, there are guilds that have higher bonuses yada yada yada. We are still very competitive at Sf Illuminati, we do weekly raids, along with a weekly message with an excel sheet on how every member has leveled, as well as weekly guild news ( every sunday ) on whats new in the guild, and the world, and life in general.

                        Come join us, we would love to have you on board.

                        Message me ingame, my character is the same as my name here.

                        Greetings, and hope to hear from you soon


                          New name, same domination!

                          Hello all! Its been a long time since I updated so I thought it was time we filled everyone in again.

                          Since our last update we have got to 166% bonuses! Along with 8% portal damage, and a Hall Of Knights of 466!

                          We would love if someone chose to join us for our legendary adventures, and for a very active chat

                          I promise, you would fit in with everyone amazingly!

                          There are no requirements to joining, as long as you are over lvl 180, or if you are using 300 thirst.

                          We renamed the guild because we thought it would be cool to give ourselves a new image. We had a vote to see what our guild name would be, and that was what we came down to! I believe it fits us perfectly because we have risen in the ranks so much over the last few months, and we continue too! The SF in our name was in our old name as well, thats why I put it in the new one.

                          Come join us as we continue to destroy raids, and grow on our legacy!!


                            188% BONUSES. . .11% PORTAL

                            Hello all, Mail here.. we recently have got 188% BONUSES This is great! We are also one of only a handful of guilds that did this without help from any other guild...cough..cough the guilds that had players come in and sweep raids for them know who they are

                            We did this without anyones help, we also got our portal to 11% we are sweeping it nicely!!

                            The raids from here on out are very tough, we tried raid 45 but it was too much for us at the moment But if we had one or two 240+ players joining us, it might be a lot easier

                            We would love if a high leveled player decided to join us for the adventure. We guarantee that we have one of the best communities on the server, with active, chatty, international people around the world. I have got to learn about a lot of different countries, and people through this guild

                            What are you waiting for!? Message me ingame, my character is Mail

                            Talk to you soon!