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The LMaA Guild is looking for new members

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    The LMaA Guild is looking for new members

    Hello World,
    We are a international guild. Our main goal is to enjoy our time here and climb up the ladder to become famous.
    We are looking for new active members to join the LMaA guild. [Gold 86%, XP 68%, knights 139]
    Everyone who wants to play for fun and participant in an international guild is happily invited to join us.
    If you want to join us, please write a mail to BBfH or to one of our officers.

    Guild language is english.
    Please be active at least once a week.
    Members who are away for more than 7 days should tell me please.

    Gold Level 43: 68% + 18% from raids
    Exp Level 34: 50% + 18% from raids

    Knights: 148

    11/50: As soon as possible
    10/50: Finished 13.03.2016
    9/50: Finished 28.02.2016
    8/50: Finished 26.02.2016
    7/50: Finished 19.02.2016
    6/50: Finished 04.02.2016
    5/50: Finished 21.01.2016
    4/50: Finished 10.01.2016
    3/50: Finished 27.12.2015
    Last edited by BBFH; 8 April 2016, 04:00 PM. Reason: Update on Raids

    We try to organize a guild war every day, so please join us in our approach to climb up the ladder.
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      Next raid successful. So if you want to help us with the next guild raid you are happily invited to join us.


        We finally managed to be in the top 200 guilds and are planning now our next raid for this weekend.

        We are still looking for new members to help us, level is not important as long as you are active.


          Some updates, and next raid!