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w15 international - looking for good guild

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    w15 international - looking for good guild

    Hello together,

    i'm going to play on w15 international. I will do an free-to-play project to see how much fun it makes. Ingame name will be "Piko". Are there any good planned guilds yet? I prefere german guilds but others are accepted too .

    Still looking for a guild^^.

    I will play a warrior.. thats for sure. With free to play i mean that i will not buy any shrooms. It also means that i will play only 100 adv. with a 30% mount. I will keep my mushrooms and spend them for top-potions or an epic if there is one in the store.. i think that will be more fun than push yourself through 5+ hours of SF-Game.. i don't want to spend so much time on a game anymore but i will be an active and loyal player if the guild is active. If you have questions please feel free to ask me .

    I'm looking forward to you .

    Edit: I will try to spin 20x per day to keep a 50% mount and play 300 adv. on gold- and exp.-events
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      Small Update because i still have no guild:

      In the german forum there is a play style wich allows you to keep a 50% mount permanently and do 300 adv. on gold- mushrrom and exp event. Of course by the use of the wheel of furtune. So as a non-pay-user i will try this and will save my mushrooms for that.

      Of course i will try to have good potions so lets have a look how that works. The best way is to keep 2 mainstat-, 2 endurance and 1 Lifeboost-potion in your inventory and to take all 5 on the same time. I think i've found my way to play.

      See you ingame on w15!