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Mature Mages Society - W16 - English Speaking

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    Mature Mages Society - W16 - English Speaking

    Reposting as a fresh new Guild Post. Total concept change.

    Greetings. I've had this Guild now for a while and am building it up. I'm looking for gamers to come together and have fun. I would like those who either speak fluent English or have a fair understanding of it.

    Ideally, I'd like to keep the "Mages Guild" idea, but am happy to accept interested members who would be the Society's "defensive members" (Fighters & Rangers).

    Fortress Levels:
    Level 20 Fortress = 20 Members
    Level 31 Treasure = 62% Gold Bonus
    Level 34 Instructor = 68% XP Bonus

    Gold Contributions = At least 3 Hours/Day Guard Duty to Guild
    Better than 3 Days/Week Activity

    Hey there, all you mages & warriors & hunters out there in S&F land!!

    I'm still seeking others who are interested in joining my guild.

    Modest shroomers welcome, but I'd like to keep this guild to something that is NOT heavy on shroom-boosting.

    Anyway, the Fortress is being upgraded best as I can, we've got 3 members now, but I'd love to see more who would love to join our "Mages Guild". As mentioned, fighters and rangers welcomed to help defend the Society.

    Hope to hear from you all soon either here or in game.

    Lady Kendra (Ahmablond Yahya).


      Giving this another Bumpity-Bump!

      Still looking for more who are interested in joining us.

      Give me a holla-holla here or in-game