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One of the last active guild on S17

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    One of the last active guild on S17

    We are one of the last, old, low level guild on server 17, for those who aren't level 100 yet. We lost a lot of members because of their inactivity and now we are only three active players. If you are a player on server 17 and you feel lonely (as WE are now) contact me (Lord DarkRevenge) or the other active memebers (fancy panda, Bhein). Join us and grow with TheNewEras.

    I put the guild description here:

    Welcome to TheNewEras

    English (first guild language)

    The leader is the only one who can take decisions (attack, expel, boost).
    Officiers can (and must), invite new players or expel those who have inappropriate behavior against the guild and its members.
    Please be nice.
    Anyone who doesn't respect the above rules will have to justify the act to the officiers or, in case of more serious violtaions, to the leader.
    If someone can't join a guild fight he has to explain the reason to an officier.

    We don't like silent or inactive players.
    We enjoy the company of marijuana smokers, drunkards and ugly-looking mercenaries.
    If you listen to Justin Bieber or you like ASMR videos you are not welcome (unless you are level 100, then there's no problem, sir).

    Let's rule server 17.