Good evening,

After the last speed server I decided to create a guild.
I played a lot of online games; after some years,that's normal, every server starts to be equal to others due to premade groups.It happens to see always the same guilds in top,always the same players.

The aim of this guild is to form a totally new born guild.It will be difficult,of course,but that's why achieving our mission it will be extremely satisfying.

OBLIVION was born on 25 July and it actually has more then 10 people rotating.
Hopefully in the next days we will have a second guild to perform a double rotation:the main guild will focus on instructor in order to give a good exp bonus;the second one will have a decent gold bonus in order to gain more from guard while rotating.

We are searching for experienced players in order to reach the top.
In the next week we will choose 3 generals;selection will be based on activity and donation.

To whom is interested,you can contact NoxPerpetua in game or give your nickname and some information here in this thread.