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"Helluva Bunch" Guild - W19 - Looking for mature gamers - Age 21+ - English Speaking

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    "Helluva Bunch" Guild - W19 - Looking for mature gamers - Age 21+ - English Speaking

    Greetings. Dezzie Demona here. Our Guild on W19 is doing well and growing. I'm, of course, always/still looking for others who are interested in what I have to offer. I'm ideally hoping to get some female gamers, but not a big requirement. Demon types of course welcome to add to this "Helluva Bunch" gang. Shroomers will not be turned away.

    Our Guild Information so far:
    Guild Level = 27
    Treasure = Level 40 (80% Gold)
    Instructor = Level 46 (92% XP)

    3 Hour/Day Guard Duty Donations Min (Approx 25G/Dy)
    5 Days per Week Activity at least
    4+ Days Inactive without notification = Auto-Removal
    Gold contribs of < 3-hr/dy G Duty = Auto-Removal

    I have also set us up with a Discord server for those interested

    Yes, I'm working off the honor system, so I am hopeful that there are honest and honorable people out there who are interested in what I'm setting up.

    Look for me here, or in-game. Game Name = Dezzie Demona
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    Still looking for more who are interested in joining my Guild on W19.


      Hey there, everyone!

      I'm still on the look-out for interested people who are wanting to help me get my Guild off the ground.

      I'm looking for mature, English-speaking individuals who are interested in the concept of a semi-themed Guild, fun, and easy-going.

      Hit me up here, in PM, or in-game and hope to hear from you soon.

      Lady Kendra (Dezzie Demona)


        Hey, gang!

        Giving my post some TLC and a bumpity-bump.

        Still looking for other mature individuals who are interested in joining my guild.

        Look for me in-game or leave a message here/in my PM if you are interested and/or want to know more.

        Lady Kendra


          Hi there again, all you demonic party animals!!

          Dezzie here just giving my recruitment post a wee bump.

          Hope to talk with some of you soon


            Hey there, gang!

            Your friendly neighborhood Demoness here again giving another shout out to anyone interested in joining my Guild. We're up to 13 members already and steadily growing.

            Fortress upgrades are now up to:
            Guild Upgrade = 20
            Treasure = 32 (64% Gold)
            Instructor = 38 (76% XP)

            Looking for mature players who either already have a demon character, are willing to change their existing character type TO a demon, or make a demon.

            Come join us! We're a.... "Helluva Bunch"!!


              Hey there again, gang!!

              Still looking for more Demon-chars to join my Guild!

              Look for me in-game (Dezzie Demona) or leave word here.


                Giving this another bump, folks! Guild's growing but still always looking for more people.

                Either come in with a pre-existing Demon character, or if you are willing to change your character to a Demon, this is also good.


                  Greetings again, all you S&F gamers out there!!

                  Dezzie here still looking for some wild-n-crazy Demon-types who are looking to join us. Got a good number of people, but more are always welcomed.

                  Hope to hear from you soon.

                  Lady Kendra (Dezzie Demona)


                    Hey there again. I changed some stuff in the original ad and am still looking for more people interested in joining our devilishly glorious bunch of demons.


                      Greetings again,all you party-animals, rough-n-ready peeps out there in S&F Land!!

                      Doing well with our Guild so far, but I'm still interested in finding more who are wanting to be a part of this unique concept and join our Guild.

                      Shroomers welcomed. Shrooming within this Guild is an individual choice and option.

                      Take care and see you soon either here or in-game.
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                        Giving this a bump....

                        Still looking for more demonic "souls" looking to have some fun! Ping me here or find me in-game, W19, Dezzie Demona