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Heads or Tails are recruiting!

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    Heads or Tails are recruiting!

    Hello all,

    We at Heads or Tails are recruiting. The history of the guild is that it started as one player guild to see how far he could get.
    Eventually people took interest in the guild and started to join.
    We are now at 50 members with an avarage of 132 levels. 525 knights, gold bonus at 156% and xp bonus at 156% and 28 raids done.
    Current rank is 68.
    We can find black gems!

    What are the requirements?
    You are free to donate as much as you wish, whenever you wish.
    You have to be level 30
    We have a flexible activity requirement. A player will only be kicked once we're full and have a replacement in line. The longest abscent player will be kicked
    if they have been offline for more than 10 days and haven't notified the leader that they will be gone for a while.

    If interested to join, please contact Yenk Shorthalt or Malekil.

    Join now and prove the server you don't need strict demands of players to reach high ranking!
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    Bumping to show we're still active and looking for members


      We're still looking for more members, join us now!


        I want to join your guild,
        Level 41 player with10 Knights bonus to share.
        Are you able to send invites, if not, are there other ways to join.

        love Villow von Vald


          Hi Villow,

          I'm sorry for late reply, I've been gone for afew days. I've sent you an invite in-game. Welcome to Heads or Tails!