Hello everyone,
I am Aenea, chief of the Kappa Nations. Our guild did very well for a long time. But now we suffer from inactivity of many members. So we decided to look for another guild to merge.
I am level 313 myself, Grimalkin is level 266, Lvanb is level 268, there are several players with a level between 200 and 250, some of a level between 150 and 200, very few under level 100. I can be more exactly when we come into contact.
My own knighthall level is 15. The same is true for Grimalkin and Lvanb.
You see, we are a good team. But we want to change together not be divided into several different guilds.
Are you interested? Please write me ingame (Aenea, The Kappa Nation) or here.
Kind regards, Gromk aka Aenea