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    As of writing this we're a mostly german guild consisting of 28 members with front-line members ranging from lvl 105 to 208.

    Both german and english speakers are welcome.

    Why you should join us:

    We aim for a high standard, so it's easier to join us as we're still growing with lots of free space.

    126% Gold Bonus & 126% Experience Bonus

    How to join:

    The easiest way for you to join our guild of immortal heroes would be to just write me "Rivale" or one of the current officers a quick pm ingame.
    I'll also be checking the forums during the next few weeks.


    - We're currently only interested in active players ranging from lvl 75 and onwards.
    - We expect of all our members to participate regularly in guild activities, such as assaults, defence, raids and the demon portal.
    - There's no strict donation regulation, just donate amounts you feel are justified for your lvl.
    Concider however, that if we feel that you barely contribute long-term, that we will be more likely tempted to switch you out.
    - Inactivity lasting more than 7 days requires notification.
    - Upgrade your knight of halls regularly. Not having an appropriate lvl makes you no less than a leech.

    Chances of promotion

    Officers need to be respected and loyal.
    Loyal are those, that participate actively over an extended period of time or those, that donate large amounts. Mushroom donations in useful numbers independent of participation time are enough to qualify as loyal.
    To be respected you either need a high lvl or/and good manners.
    Officers that cause other members to feel discomforted due to unnecessary cusses or insults are just embarrassing.

    Once I feel that you qualify you will be automatically promoted.
    You may however decide to step down.
    Please don't ask for promotions.

    Note: We currently already have a sufficient amount of trustworthy and active officers.

    Looking forward to your pms,
    - Rivale.
    Last edited by Rivale; 12 November 2018, 07:45 PM.

    We now have maxed out gold and exp