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    The Titans

    My name in game is FakeFantasy98 and I am the leader of The Titans.
    We are looking for new members, anybody (at least level 10) is welcome!
    If you want to join PM me in game!

    Few things about our guild:
    -> Mainly english-speaking but anybody is welcome!
    -> Attacks are daily, defenses almost daily although participation is not mandatory. (most members are active but no one gets kicked for inactivity)
    -> No minimum skill points or HoK (hall of knights) requirement
    -> Anybody who joins automatically gets officer (as soon as I see you joined)

    -> Gold Bonus: 78.4%
    -> Exp Bonus: 80.4%
    -> Guild total knights: 220

    Stats updated as of now (the moment of this post) but as we're an active guild they get better with time.

    Small note: no black gems since no one in the guild has HoK 15; anyone who has HoK 15+ and wants to join would be probably seen as a god. xD

    Update (wanted it to be more like a bump but a lot of things changed so I thought I should make a full update on everything):

    Added requirements:
    -> minimum level 25
    -> at least level 5 skill points (both)
    -> decent activity

    Added rules:
    -> everyone inactive for 10-14 days or more gets kicked and a PM sent with explanation
    -> everyone who kicks people from invite that they did NOT invite must say it in chat so we avoid confusion (because everyone is officer, things happened)

    Bonuses and HoK total changed:
    Gold bonus: 92.8%
    Exp bonus: 93.4%
    Guild knights: 289

    The rest is pretty much the same.
    Still no black gems but soon probably we will make it happen.
    7 free slots available atm, any active player is more than welcome!

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      Last update, guild is currently at 50/50 players; I guess this thread can be closed anytime now..
      Still no black gems or guild pet somehow... not yet.

      Any update on the players count you can see it on w28.