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    TKV looking for merge

    Recruiting is getting tougher and tougher. Unaffiliated players are scarce. All guilds are struggling with inactive players. Higher ranked guilds can offer larger bonuses.

    The list goes on, and it only is going to get worse.

    So if you are a guild like us and you're sick of the constant recruiting struggle, how about a merger?

    We have a pretty decent average level, bonuses, and knights (all higher than most at our ranking), but we're lacking "big guns" to push us farther. We're also full of mostly active players, but we have open spots/some inactives.

    The ideal guild merge partner for us would be a guild with a handful of high level active players whose own guild is mostly empty or inactive.

    If you fit that scenario and you're interested in a group of you jumping, drop me a message in game: Koban Vustena is my name on W31. The guild is TKV.