are looking for active members

We have been keeping a stable guild for a while, but we are slowly losing members due to inactivity. We are looking for active members, who will help us grow together as a guild.

What we can offer
(it's not much, but we're trying)

Our bonuses are currently pretty low at 96.2% Gold and 94.0% Experience. We have done 20 guild dungeons so far, but it is getting harder without active members.

From our current 49 members, we have 26 active members including myself. We haven't kicked anyone solely to keep the bonuses.

Our requirements

Our main requirement is to be active, keep at least a 30% tiger/raptor. At least 100/120 Thirst daily, if you can't, it is no problem - we all have lives. Bonuses to at least 5/5 and regular participation in guild attacks/defenses.

We have our own discord where we share tips, guides and just generally chat.