Stray Souls
We are looking for active +100 level players for our guild. We make guild battles and guild raids frequently. We have a lot of active players. We are waiting for new friends who will play actively like us and join the battles regularly. We will be happy if you join us

Guild Upgrades:
Gold Bonus: 173.6%
Experience Bonus: 173.6%
Demon's Portal: Act 2, 9/10
Raids: 47/150
Hall of Knights: 588
Guild Pet: 269

Friends who want to join our guild can send a message to Gobolt & Miyase in game or you can write this thread (I'll check forum nearly everyday).
The rules of our guild
* You must participate regularly in Raids, Guild attack and defend, Guild Demon's Portal and Guild Pet Fights every day.
* You don't have to develop guild treasure or instructor. However, you need to improve the guild pet's level regularly.
* You must have at least 30% mount and drink potions regularly (especially over 200 levels, the best combination is potion of eternal life, constitution and base damage stat).
* Members who are offline without notifying the guild leader that they will not be able to log in to the game for a long time will be discarded (1 week without an excuse means kick).
* Those who disrespect other members for whatever reason will be expelled without warning.

Those who want to join our Discord channel;