To whom it may concern:

This is your chance to enter one of the top guilds on this server - Ataraxia.

Risen from the ashes of long forgotten other guilds, all current members are well seasoned in the gameplay. We are ambitious and competent.
All have of us have experience playing in the top 50-40s ranks and now we are going for more: more members, better equipment, darker gems, higher ranks. To reach our goals we do a major redeploy.

Therefore we're looking for you.

You are
  • actively playing (320 thirst and 50% mount)
  • Level 250+
  • Knight Hall 10+
  • english or german speaking
  • not reluctant to buy some mushrooms from time to time

If you fit the bill and are willing to contribute to the community, please drop one of our executives a note: Aurillion, Zoraktor or Hanegoshi.

Thank you very much for your attention.