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The First Order wants you!

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    The First Order wants you!

    The First Order is looking for dedicated players to fill our ranks and rule the galaxy!

    ... I mean the server.

    We are offering:
    - over 51% bonus on both gold and xp - rising daily
    - over 80 Hall of Knights - also rising daily
    - daily guild battles
    - a guild full of active people

    - at least 5/5 in guild skills (the more the better however)
    - at least 30% mount
    - lvl 30
    - being active daily (should it not always be possible let me know and we can see what we can do)

    If you are interested in joining send a letter ingame to Kylo Ren!

    We currently have 4 open spots to offer to those willing to server under the First Order!

    You will gain a bonus of over 64% on both gold and xp plus some extra xp from the daily battles.
    We are looking for dedicated players over level 45 with guild upgrades of at least 7/7.
    Should this apply to you and you are interested, write to me or my officers!


      Join the First Order now!

      ... and secure yourself one of three free bunk beds in the overcrowded Trooper quarters.
      We have grown a lot and are getting closer and closer to bringing order to the galaxy, therefore we offer you:
      - 109% bonus on gold
      - 110% bonus on xp
      - regular guild fights and raids
      - a great view over the stars and planets we rule

      All we ask of you is:
      - be at least level 90
      - have guild upgrades at 10/10
      - participate in the guild fights & raids

      Message me ingame if you are interested.


        Unfortunately some First Order personnel had to be shot out of the blast doors which means we have a few open spots!

        We now offer 158% on both xp and gold, guild fights twice a day and ever growing guild mates so we can do raids regularly and grow our bonus.
        You are level 100+ (preferrably even 150 but if you're not quite there yet, don't be shy and send me a message ingame anyways) and an active player? Come join the First Order and help me take over the galaxy!

        Message me, Kylo Ren, or one of my officers ingame if you are interested in joining.


          Quick update.

          The First Order is offering a few spots to active players above level 200 with guild skills of at least 10/10.
          We offer 186% gold bonus and 188% xp bonus, guild fights twice a day and a raid every now and then to keep pushing our bonus. And with a bit of luck you can even find black gems in the mine!
          Thanks to our progress in the demon portal you will also gain 10% weapon damage (and rising).

          Let me know if you are interested in joining!