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Level 1 Char searching Guild

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    Level 1 Char searching Guild

    Hey there,

    I search for my fresh Level 1 Character a Level 1 guild.

    The guild should obviously not take part in guild fights, the gold bonus should be upgraded for a better income and the guild should also have some other passionate Level 1 players to play with.
    From my side, i have a lot experiance in S&F with one Lvl 330+ and one 260+ chars on the German servers and i also have/had 2 other level 1 characters.

    The language in the guild does not matter for me, i am able to communicate in English, German and everything Google Translator can

    My Name on w7 is "Blutrabe" (en: Bloodraven)

    If there are any questions feel free to ask me
    Best Regards,
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